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  1. Thanks, I understand that. I'll try to explain my question better. I have 20+ note books. Several are career related. One is for photography, one is beer making, one is kayaking. I want them all to replicate on the computers that I own. When I am using a computer that is owned by my employer, I only want to replicate the career related notebooks (as my employer would not appreciate beer related material). Is there a setting where this can be done? I would guess that I have to set up a user id that I use at work; and then share the career notebooks with that user. But I really don't want to pa
  2. I am a paid user and have many Notebooks. I have notebooks that relate to my hobbies as well as my career. On laptops that I bring to work, I only want my business-related notebooks to replicate. After installing Evernote on a new computer, is there a way to tell it what notebooks I would want on that computer? Thanks!
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