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  1. It is clear that Evernote does not go the "plain text" direction. And with reason: one of the strengths of Evernote is exactly that it can handle rich text and images.There are much better solutions for dealing with plain text notes anyway (simplenote, etc.), some already supporting Markdown. For the scenarios where I use Evernote (especially meeting notes), Evernote is the "end use". IMO, the point of having styles in Evernote would be to be able to quickly make text parts look like something specific (say, a section title, or an important warning paragraph). This currently requires numerous clicks (e.g. to have blue headings this would be something like: select text, make bold, increase font size and set font color). Styles would allow to do the above example in one or two clicks, or (even better) using a customizable keyboard shortcut.
  2. In Word 2007 this shortcut does work. However, I find Word's UI responsiveness for this shortcut a bit slow (only a few microseconds, but still..), so it doesn't really feel very natural using it. If you have never used this feature, I understand your response. I never felt a need for it either, until I discovered the feature in Eclipse and started using it. It is a very natural way of moving paragraphs, once you get used to it. And I miss it in the editors that don't have it.
  3. On Windows you can hide it by pressing F10 or click (in the menu bar) View > Left Panel. Perhaps the shortcut works on Mac as well (don't have one at hand to try it) The use case is an uncluttered interface with few distractions. I have used Notational Velocity as well and think you will not find the similar user experience with Evernote. The only reason I moved to Evernote (again, after trying it for some time a year ago) is that it supports voice messages, images and a pretty good Android app. Evernote, sadly, has all kind of weird UI inconsistencies.
  4. On Windows, it would be nice if Evernote would support the Windows default shortcut key shift-F10, which emulates a mouse rightclick. This is, for example, useful for correcting misspelled words (marked by a red line) without having to use the mouse. This shortcut is supported in almost any major software (browsers like firefox and IE, Microsoft Office software, windows explorer, Acrobat, ...)
  5. With regard to styles, see also this post (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=17986) and this post (viewtopic.php?f=30&t=18282), which you might want to support
  6. Yup, me too Some keyboard shortcut ideas: CTRL-0 for default style CTRL-1 for heading 1 CTRL-2 for heading 2 CTRL-7 for bulleted list CTRL-8 for numbered list CTRL-9 for indented text (these numbers make sense when you use the numeric keypad, I've set up Microsoft Word like this and it is really handy)
  7. It would be nice if the Evernote version for desktop systems (Windows, OSX, etc) provide keyboard shortcuts for moving paragraphs up and down. This feature is available in e.g. the Notepad++ text editor (ctrl-shift-up and ctrl-shift-down) and in Eclipse (alt-up and alt-down), and once you start using it, it is very convenient to reorder things.
  8. I would find it extremely useful if Evernote would support customizable paragraph styles. Currently,I manually make some text bold/underlined/red to make them appear as for example headings. This is very clumsy. I would be more productive if I could just tap a keyboard shortcut to make a paragraph have a specific layout. I would propose to: [*:uoqea8f5]provide a number of standard paragraph styles (like the current bullet list, numbered list, default text, ... and adding obvious ones like Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.) [*:uoqea8f5]allow to customize some simple settings of these styles, namely: font, appearance (bold, italic, underlined), alignment (left, center, right), color, and pre and post-paragraph spacing. [*:uoqea8f5]allow the user to assign custom keyboard shortcuts to these paragraph styles [*:uoqea8f5]allow to user to create new styles (I specifically mentioned pre- and post-paragraph spacing, because I find the spacing of the bulleted lists to small, and I am constantly introducing shift-enters after each item)
  9. I would find it useful if I could specify words that would automatically be colored in each note. I would use it for example to make certain words like [WAIT] or [TODO] or [ME] stand out in notes. This is a bit similar to (and based on the idea of) task tags in Eclipse. This could be implemented by providing in the options dialog a list to which the user can add a string and a corresponding color. Upon each occurrence of the specified string in all the notes, it would be colored accordingly.
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