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  1. I'm not an Android user, but when SpringPad gives me what Evernote does on the Windows desktop, then that might have meaning to me. As it stands, SpringPad isn't even in the conversation. Of course, your mileage probably varies, and if you don't care for how Evernote looks,and SpringPad has enough functionality for you, then even the Evernote folks usually acknowledge that you should be using what works for you. And they'd thank you for your suggestions, too. Good luck. ~Jeff
  2. I think that you'll find that the OCR doesn't produce an actual text representation of the image its scanned, but instead is used to make a search index for the words it thinks it's recognized, such that they can be tied to locations in the image. If you're interested in all of that, you can try spelunking in an exported note, inside the tag "recognition". ~Jeff
  3. More motivation for the sort of dual-mode Note View/Markup View editing that others have suggested, and which I am starting to feel some attraction for myself, despite generally residingin the Keep Evernote Simple camp... ~Jeff
  4. Or "do not use this device as a bomb shelter" (Indiana Jones notwithstanding). Often these types of manuals have instructions in English, Spanish, French, German and other languages. ~Jeff
  5. Yeah, right now it's all a bit of a do-it-yourself affair; with the addition of Due dates and the ability of the search grammar to deal with dates in the future, it'll probably still be DIY, but hopefully a little easier to manage. ~Jeff
  6. Although due dates are on the radar for Evernote, and I don't know for sure what form they'll take, my impression is that there will be one Due Date per note, just as there's one Created date and one Updated date. As there can be more than one checkbox per note, I don't think that the checkboxes will be tied explicitly to the Due date. Mind you that this is all speculative on my part. ~Jeff
  7. I am guessing that the original poster is asking for something a little bit different. Rather than asking for anything like a PDF print driver (which already exist), I think they are asking for a virtual Evernote print driver, sich that when you "print" a document to it, the document is actually shuffled off to Evernote in the form of a note. So no intermediate PDF import step is required. It's probably the same order of magnitude in terms of difficulty of implementation, though. ~Jeff
  8. If you have comments pertaining to a particular thread, you should post them there. I suggest going back to the thread you referenced, and continuing the conversation there. ~Jeff
  9. I don't think so: here's the announcement of the first mac 2 alpha: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=19967 ~Jeff
  10. With regards to the Windows clients, I think that it was pretty well understood during the version 4 beta process that addition of new features would mostly wait until after they got to parity with the 3.5 feature set (they did add some new ones, e.g. Print options). They are pretty close to that now, and now that it's pretty stable (though there are still bugs) I'm thinking that we'll see an increased focus on adding more new features, like the stacked notebooks that have appeared in the Mac 2 alpha, support for shared notebooks, maybe even note linking? On another front, I think we'll see more incremental type improvements to the various note formatting and editing glitches that are still with us. Moving past the 3.5 platform was important; a total rewrite isn't always the best answer (see Joel Spolsky -- Things You Should Never Do, Part 1), but it happened, and they're moving on, albeit with some growing pains, I think. But getting to a stable platform was essential for moving ahead with the new features that they want to roll out. To me, Evernote has hit a kind of sweet spot with its mix of features and near-ubiquity/cloud-iness. The cloud aspect is great, sure, but it has enough features that make it appealing to me, too (and I guess others). Could it be better? You bet -- there are lots of things that aren't working just exactly perfectly now and must be addressed, but I think we'll see more of that now that they feel that version 4 is stable enough to build on. ~Jeff
  11. I don't think that you can do this in Evernote at this time. About the only way that I know how to do this is to export the note to Evernote Export format (.enex), which is a subset of HTML. Edit the exported note with a text editor and you should find the table specification. Change the table to suit your needs, and import the note. ~Jeff
  12. I'm guessing that a search for "at&t" didn't turn up much different than a search for "att". Did you try "$$$"? As Dave said, punctuation is ignored in Evernote. That doesn't mean that it works identically in Google or Bing, but neither of those search services handle punctuation straightforwardly either. You're just going to have to accept that, no, searching for punctuation doesn't work in Evernote. ~Jeff
  13. Short of writing a tool to pull out all of your note text and searching that, you can't. And according to my experiments, you can't do it in Google either. Or Bing. ~Jeff
  14. This isn't really my case, though I seem to have taken up the cudgels, foolhardily or not, but I'm guessing that someone who encrypted an image wouldn't want it to be seen as an image on any client, unless it were decrypted. In other words, when I encrypt some text, it appears as a button that I can click on to decrypt the text and make it visible to me, and I'd expect a similar behavior with an encrypted image. Makes me wonder whether there would be a problem distinguishing between an encrypted image and a normal image in the ENML. But no big deal; it's something I never needed myself, and there's a workaround, so I'll just let this one sit... ~Jeff
  15. The methods that you guys have said are encrypting them within a container and not encrypting the image itself on it's own, as I said in my previous post. For example, text itself is encrypted because it is relatively easier to encrypt the letters of the alphabet with a key compared to possibly millions of pixels within an image. Again, text is no easier to encrypt than binary data; it's all just a string of bits (or bytes) to the encryption routine. That there may be more pixels is a different issue; there may be a large amount of text as well -- that's just linear scaling. And all of that applies to text or images within a container: Evernote already does text; it could as easily do images, unless there's some deeper implications that Dave didn't specify. Yes, the fact that you can't OCR encrypted images is known and understood and has been mentioned in this thread previously. For that matter, you can't index encrypted text on the server side anyways, since they can't decrypt it: only you can. The same would apply to images: only you know the key, so only you can decrypt. ~Jeff
  16. OK, 'm gonna need you to concentrate on shared notebooks for the Windows client just now. ~Jeff
  17. No problem. I think that Dave Engberg has talked elsewhere about the 100 notebook limit being set somewhat arbitrarily, and that eventually they'll raise it. I couldn't find the post, where he talks about this, though. ~Jeff
  18. ??? Certainly you can encrypt images. You can encrypt anything digital -- they're just strings of bits. I think that what Dave is getting at is that once you've encrypted an image, the OCR software can't get at it, but then again, the search indexing also can't take into account encrypted text, so maybe there's a deeper issue as to why Evernote seems reluctant -- currently -- to add this. ~Jeff
  19. I think that they have a legalistic 'out' on Linux, since you can still use the Web to access your notes. After all, it doesn't say "works natively"... ~Jeff
  20. Notes in different notebooks are discrete and separate, so if you copy a note from your unshared notebook into your shared notebook, it will truly be a copy: i.e., edits to either note will not affect the other one. ~Jeff
  21. The tag limit is 10,000, I believe. ~Jeff
  22. My guess is that the answer shouldn't be too surprising: the resources to do a Linux app, vs. the potential market share gain. It should be no secret that Evernote in its heart would like to support every platform that there is, including Morse code and that CP/M machine you have mouldering down in the basement behind that old Nordic Trak machine, but they do have limits on their resources. Potential market share is limited so my feeling is that Linux is a bit down the list. Besides, with a published API, and that can-do Linux spirit, maybe a third-party developer might want to take up the cause... ~Jeff
  23. I'd like to raise the stakes on this one. I didn't use Evernote in the good old days of wine, roses and autotagging (i.e. I don't know exactly how autotagging worked), but I do use GMail, and one of its best features is its ability to set up filtering rules based on various email criteria (I do this in Outlook a lot as well). I want to be able to easily and automatically categorize my notes as I gleefully fling them into the gaping maw of the that omnivorous, information sucking (hoovering for our British cousins) beast that Evernote is at heart. Let me control what notebook to route my note to, what tags to apply, and whatever other metadata to be set, based on note content, title content, note source, my location or whatever else makes sense. We should be able to apply this as notes come in to the system, or an an ad hoc basis, to make mass note management tasks easier. Maybe this is n not needed now, but in the future, when note volumes for folks like BurgersNFries or jbenson start to exceed the 100s of thousands, this might come in handy. I promise not to say 'I told you so'. ~Jeff
  24. Per Dave Engberg: "We don't yet have options to configure the format for notes printed from Evernote, but this is on our list of planned improvements." In general, Evernote does not give out release dates for features. They're currently working on a new version of the Mac desktop; it's in Alpha currently: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=19967. I didn't see anything about printing options there, butthat doesn't mean that they won't be included in the Mac 2 release. ~Jeff
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