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  1. Maybe that's the real reason you don't turn the EN ads off. :shock: *** busted *** ~Jeff
  2. I'm so lazy, I am going to wait until note links are supported... ~Jeff
  3. My tolerance for advertisement must be pretty high, since I leave it on even though I have a premium subscription. Either that or my observational skill are pretty low... ~Jeff
  4. The OCR'd text is not available, for export or at all really. The OCR is used to build up an index for searching, and includes alternative matches for text in the note, rather than being a literal rendering of the note text. If you want to see what's generated, you can (if you're on a desktop client) export your note to Evernote (.enex) format, and look for the tag, which signals the start of the text recognition section; the tags within describe the recognized text and its location in the image. ~Jeff
  5. There's no need to bump your own posts. There is other discussion on these issues, which you can find by searching on '4.1 prerelease', or something similar. ~Jeff
  6. Are you referring (e.g., Win 4, Mac, Android, iphone/iPad/iTouch, etc.) to a specific client? You might do better to post in the appropriate forum. ~Jeff
  7. The Evernote Elephant appears in this article that I spotted on BoingBoing: http://www.boingboing.net/2010/12/09/iphone-baby-quilt.html. Nap time!!! ~Jeff
  8. Dave Engberg has said on a number of occasions that note links are in their plans (forum search on "note links" can give you some of the threads, if you're interested). No delivery date specified as far as I know. ~Jeff
  9. So I have five checkboxes in my note, plus some other information, and a couple of screen caps. What bits of the note get sent to Toodle-Do? Is that an automatic operation, or do I need to make selections, etc.? Then, maybe I edit the task on ToodleDo. And then how do you reassemble them on the round-trip back from ToodleDo? I think that this would be pretty tricky, with a lot of room for user confusion. ~Jeff
  10. This is a user forum, not a technical support forum, though sometimes Evernote staff and users do help with support questions. If you need to file a support inquiry, you can do so here. In the meantime, you may be able to get by using the web interface. ~Jeff
  11. That's a nice idea, but checkboxes can appear multiple times in an Evernote note, and therfore don't map cleanly to single ToodleDo (or Remember the Milk) tasks. ~Jeff
  12. What would you base the hierarchy on? Isn't what you're looking for the same as adding folders, which doesn't seem to be something that Evernote is interested in? Or would you want a scheme based on currently available fields (a la group-by in MS Outlook, maybe)? Evernote's already a killer app, in my opinion. Maybe, but Evernote does pretty well with tags and searches. If you say so. Evernote certainly has the technical chops to do it, but I think that it's more a matter of the organizational design that they choose to employ. ~Jeff
  13. Maine is definitely a function-over-form kinda state, but even so, Evernote (for Windows) is one of the prettier apps that I use on a regular basis. Beats heck out of Visual Studio anyways... ~Jeff
  14. I'll have to check that at work tomorrow -- I'm running Chrome 8 here at home, but it the clip window was definitely the skinny one while I was at work. ~Jeff
  15. Sorry Dave. I was so well-behaved earlier in the day, but it's late and my keenly honed judgement is slipping a bit. ~Jeff ~ backing away slowly from the thread... ~
  16. Edit: [Note] Just set up your temp directory as an Evernote import folder. You get to keep all logs, compiler temporaries, installer detritus etc., fill up your Evernote account, *and* it'll keep your temp directory nice and clean!! Don't forget to enable the Subfolders setting. ~Jeff
  17. But that's only 36.36 notes per person. C'mon, people! Get clipping!!! ~Jeff
  18. There's plenty of debate on the tags-vs-folders thingy. Bottom line is that folders just are not coming any time soon, as nearly as I can tell. Notebooks are useful for gross partitioning of notes, and also for being the minimum unit for sharing notes, and for keeping notes local. Stacks are useful mainly for managing lots of notebooks. But if you really want to get anywhere with Evernote, you really need to come to terms with tags. The tag hierarchy is mainly for organizing large numbers of tags (there are 10,000 max at this time). It's primarily visual,rather than being an inheritance-based hierarchy. I think of tags as adjectives: they describe your notes, rather than forcing then to live in some kind of structure. Like adjectives, they can be strung together to define smaller and smaller classes of objects, which makes them very flexible. I use the tag hierarchy to describe the tags, not the notes that the tags might apply to. Example: I have a red, round ball, and a big, red barn. That's three tags: 'red', 'round' and 'big'. The 'red' that I use to describe my ball is not distinct from the 'red' that I use to describe my barn. I may not need add tags for 'house' and 'ball' (these are the equivalent of notes in Evernote); just searching on tags 'red' and 'round' may sufficiently narrow my world down to where I can easily see my ball. For example, to make a hierarchy of my tags, I might use: Colors --> - red - green - blue, etc Shapes --> - round - square, etc. Sizes --> - big - small, etc rather than something that you are trying to do (and can't be done in Evernote because tags are unique): Toys --> - balls --> -- size -- color -- shape, etc. - kites --> -- size -- color -- shape, etc. Dwellings --> - Houses -- size -- color -- shape, etc. - Caves --> -- size -- color -- shape, etc. - Barns --> -- size -- color -- shape, etc. The web clipper allows you to capture only the link, and not the content. ~Jeff
  19. I'm sure that Charles Babbage loves all of his children equally... Seriously, it's a useful tool. and I hope it makes it your way too. ~Jeff
  20. Hmmm, thinking about that. My initial reaction is that categories as you describe them might be useful, but I can see some possibilities for confusion, particularly as tags and categories have similar meanings. I can't see that partitioning the tag space into separate categories would be a great help to me, since I have some generic tags that apply to both work and personal notes (my '_Todo' tag would be an obvious example: it's applicable in both areas). I might be convinced on the notebook front, though I initially started out with a Work notebook and a Personal notebook, I combined them awhile back, and just use tags. And I sure don't need categories to partition up my meager 3 saved searches. Dunno, it's not something that I'd really use, I guess, but that's just me. Tags and Notebooks seem enough for now, though I don't depend on elaborate workflows in Evernote -- it's just a place where stuff I am interested in keeping resides, and so long as I can find it, and do something with it, I'm pretty happy. ~Jeff
  21. Tags can be nested in a hierarchical fashion already. You can see this in the various desktop clients and in the web interface; I can't speak for the mobile clients. ~Jeff
  22. You didn't miss the option, since it doesn't exist as far as I know. Views are independent of notebooks, and they can can be used to view notes from more than one notebook at a time. ~Jeff
  23. Yeah, sorry. I usually disclaimer the things I know from the Windows client (which I use) when in the Mac forum. ~Jeff
  24. I think in Evernote, categories are called 'tags", for at least some meaning of 'category' (they're like categories in MS Outlook, for example). But I may not understand how you mean them. ~Jeff
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