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  1. There is no way in the grammar to specify all notebooks; you may only specify a single notebook using the 'notebook:' search term. For saved searches, at least in the Windows client, the saved search takes as its context the currently selected notebook or "All Notes" if that's selected, unless the saved search has its own 'notebook:' term, in which case, that overrides the current setting. Also in Windows, searches triggered via the "ENScript shownotes /q" command appear to take all notebooks as the default context, unless the query includes a 'notebook:' term. ~Jeff
  2. I'm pretty sure those are in the works; not sure when they might be delivered, though. ~Jeff
  3. It's not clear how RTF would be any better than the HTML used in ENML. It's really how the formatting is implemented in the user rendering of the note, and what formatting commands are made available. The RTF or NTHL is just behind-the-scenes representation for the most part. ~Jeff
  4. You might want different default font selection or size on different devices, due to device differences. Other than that, it's my feeling that updates shouldn't mess with user settings, if at all possible. I don't need it to sync those settings to other devices. ~Jeff
  5. Yep. That's the way it works with Evernote. You store a copy of a spreadsheet in Evernote, or you store your spreadsheet in the file system. If you want to keep it in Evernote, then you can edit it by double-clicking on it, or right-clicking and using "Open with...". Actually, it is a table, at least in my experience. When copied from Excel, You can add a column or a row, and more to the point, if you export it to Evernote's .enex format (a subset of XHTML), you'll see that it's stored as an HTML table. That sure seems like a bug/misfeature: table selections should be handled as subtables, not as a stream of cells. I think that the Evernote folks would agree that table handling and rendering could/should be imroved. I also think that they'd want you to be happy with what they provide, and if not, then hopefully you find something else that works for you. Good luck. ~Jeff
  6. I make suggestions like this mainly because you can do it now, and fairly easily, rather than wait for something that Evernote may or may not implement. It's a fair feature request otherwise. ~Jeff
  7. If you can write them in plain text (OK, Unicode text), Evernote should be able to handle them; however, I think that search is based mainly on alphanumeric characters, so math notation would probably not be searchable. ~Jeff
  8. 'Whinging' is also used in England, familiar to all of us American PBS watchers. ~Jeff
  9. The answer that BurgersNFries gave still holds: Evernote isn't able to import CSV format, at least directly. A third-party application might not be hard to make, as CSV is not hard to parse; a converter to .enex files (Evernote format) seems feasible. ~Jeff
  10. There are already a couple of hotkeys that will bring up Evernote, one to start a search (Win + Shift + F) and one to open a new note (Ctrl + Alt + N); there may be one that just brings up Evernote, but I don't know what it is. If you want a specific hotkey to do that, you might want to look into the AutoHotKey utility: http://www.autohotkey.com/. ~Jeff
  11. You can also export your notes to HTML or MHT at any time. ~Jeff
  12. I'm guessing that you won't see support for more searches until Evernote provides a way to organize them better, similar to the 100 notebook limit not changing until Stacks were implemented across the major clients. ~Jeff
  13. A search for "notebook passwork" turned up this thread: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=21039&p=89078&hilit=notebook+password#p89078 (there were others, but this one is pretty recent). The implication seems to be that notebook passwords are not 'on the list', or at least very high on it, but that may be a faulty interpretation on my part. ~Jeff
  14. You can certainly use styling on the text that by default makes up the title of the note, i.e., the first line in the note, but that doesn't get shown in the various places where the title appears, e.g. the Title field in the note list. Might be a little messy to implement, as the Title field in the database would likely be where that would live, and so all clients would probably need to be able to interpret the style markings. ~Jeff
  15. Hey, I resemble that remark... (gratuitous and characteristically off-topic Three Stooges reference) OK, so a 'like' button would probably be fine, particularly if it didn't mark the thread as having a new post. The "+1's" of this world mark the thread as having a new post, which some mildly obsessive types (not namin' names) must then read... ...and then be disappointed or annoyed that there's actually no new input. At least I've never posted a "-1" (I have had the urge), but if 'like' goes in, I feel that 'dislike' ought to go with it. Maybe 'meh', for that matter. I'm not sure whether any of this is supported in the forum software. Lately, I've come to like the StackOverflow model -- seems great for answering questions, though I'm not sure how it works for making suggestions and feature requests. On the whole, though, I think that this forum works pretty well as it is. ~Jeff
  16. There is no Format / Style menu item to add this to. There is a Format / Font item, which brings up a dialog in which you can select the Strikeout style, but that's a really awkward way to go about this. The keyboard command, Ctrl + T, as noted by others already exists. ~Jeff
  17. I think that if you use the search term 'resource:*/ppt' you should be able to find them. ~Jeff
  18. I think that I'd characterize due dates and notifications as useful rather than critical, particularly given that Evernote's main purpose is note storage and retrieval, not to be a to-do list. Evernote has a lot to recommend it as-is, but dumping a previous program/workflow hoping that a discussed -- but not announced -- feature would appear may have been a little short-sighted. But I hope that it works out for you -- some folks are using the Created date as an interim Due date. ~Jeff
  19. Hmmm, I think it's to protect Evernote *from* our (bad) data... ~Jeff
  20. .enex files are in ENML, Evernote's XHTML subset. As such, you can edit them in a text editor. Otherwise, the only viewer that I know about would be Evernote itself. ~Jeff
  21. If you set up a saved search with a notebook/tag/stack/whatever specification. that should work fine for what you're describing, except for the bit where you want it autoloaded when you start up (though you could use ENScript to set up a shortcut that does exactly that). Anyways, run your saved search, then to narrow things down, type in additional search terms. Have you tried it? ~Jeff
  22. I think that the search grammar only allows you search one notebook at a time, shared or not; however, as you note you can search across all notebooks, and in addition, you can search across a stack of notebooks, using (I think) 'stack:"stack-name"'. ~Jeff
  23. I'm not sure if this recent Evernote blog helps, but give it a read: http://blog.evernote.com/2010/12/16/making-the-transition-from-delicious-to-evernote/ ~Jeff
  24. *sigh* You do NOT go to McDonalds for lobster (OK, maybe in Massachusetts you do *snicker*). You go to Shaw's, or Harraseeket, or Red's. Or you ride 100 miles on your bicycle. ~Jeff
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