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  1. This case leads to two behaviors that need to be implemented, tested, documented, and, yes, supported. Someone changes the key (and believe me, intelligence has nothing to do with that ability), then later on down the road, something goes awry, and they file a support ticket; that support ticket needs to be dealt with, regardless if the user did something that caused it. I'm not saying that the original request isn't reasonable (though I wouldn't be in favor for it myself), but offering options, even pseudo-hidden ones are not free.
  2. I think that one Evernote's guiding principles is to avoid options as much as possible, though. Granted, tweaking stuff is fun and all, but from the developer'standpoint, offering a gazillion options (and there would be a gazillion if every time someone in the forums said "just make an option for that") can cost more money to produce (you need to support and document more behaviors, and need to watch out for more side-effects), more cost to provide UI (though parameterizing through the registry in Windows can be an option), and oddly, can lead to more tech inquiries (Q: Why does my EVernote do A when I click the Frob button? I thought it was supposed to do B. A: Um, ok, did you have the Beezle option checked? Try that.). This is all general, mind you, but I know it's part of the discussions in the software that I work on, particularly on the consumer end of things.
  3. Posting a request in forum serves as a feature request. As nearly as I can tell, Evernote folks do read every post, though they don't always reply.
  4. I've also seen the 2nd (and subsequent) undo's fail as well.
  5. To delete a notebook, again in the Windows client, you right-click on it, and select 'Delete...'. Apropos your earlier question, the right-click menu also contains a 'Remove from stack' item.
  6. In the Windows client, you drag a notebook out of its stack onto the top of the tree: it has an icon that looks like the one used for stacks, and is labeled 'Notebooks'.
  7. Just an FYI -- I am not an Evernote employee -- much less a member of their management -- just an unpaid volunteer. I'm sorry that you were offended by my post, but frankly, after seeing a third complaining comment from you, after being apologized to by dlu, an actual Evernote employee, well, I felt that that was over the top. For the record, though, I do feel that you have a legitimate beef, and I understand your frustration, and sincerely hope that it's remedied soon, so that you can get back to filling your Evernote full of your stuff. And so to try to make amends, I do apologize to you for my remark -- I could have been more temperate in what I said. Good luck.
  8. I like the ability to create new tags on-the-fly (like when web clipping, say), and don't want a separate facility to do so. That being said, i did fat-finger a typo the other day when creating a new tag, but it wan't a big deal to find or fix. It just appeared at the top level of my tag tree, and I figured out what I meant, changed the single note to have the correct tag, and deleted the bad one. My own opinion is that I wouldn't want an "are you sure?" dialog to pop up when I created a new tag like this. I am not a great typist, by any means, but I usually get them right.
  9. I noticed something like this also, but thought that I had just not typed the Ctrl+Z correctly. I seem to recall that hitting Ctrl+Z a second time actually performed the undo.
  10. Hey, if it helps me to mine my own data, you know, 20 years from now, how bad would that be??
  11. Rule based auto-tagging would be very helpful, something akin to Outlook or Gmail's. Never heard of any plans to implement this, though -- I've suggested it myself. Might be a great 3rd-party addition. You may not need a separate notebook for your music stuff, since you can always filter on that tag to isolate those notes, plus other criteria to narrow things down. Notes appear in one notebook at a time. You might want to look into using note linking, though.
  12. Please search the forums for "group by", as this has been discussed recently.
  13. This has been requested, possibly not in the scope of what Evernote is aiming to provide (but hey, you never know).
  14. That's good news; glad to hear it. Can't help you there, unfortunately.
  15. In the Windows client, this worked fine. Double-clicking on the image brought it up on the Windows Photo Viewer; click on the Rotate button, and exit. Comes back in the note rotated correctly. Not sure how it's supposed to work on the iOS client, though.
  16. Is the Knowledge Base article wrong, then?
  17. "Ugh" -- now there's a powerful word. It's expressive of distaste, yes. I seem to recall that you have a dislike of long words, so I thought that I'd spare you. Please read to comprehend. I never said any such thing that as you've implied, ever, in any post I have ever written in these forums. Nor did I, I just stated that if they did implement it, I would prefer that they not use predefined tag names to do it.
  18. It was my opinion way before I ever heard of Evernote, believe me, not that I need you to entitle me to it. A classic response. +100.
  19. Ugh; no magic tags, please, *unless* the proposed template recognition is based on tags that the user designates. I consider the tag namespace to be the province of the user, not Evernote. If Evernote sets up functionality based on tags whereby I can configure the tags being used to actuate it, well, OK then...
  20. You can have your email client auto-forward emails to your Evernote email (which you should have received when you signed up), if you want, but don't believe that Evernote will read your emails for you.
  21. I am not a Mac user, but it appears to be a keyboard shortcut: ⌃ ⌘ N The whole Mac keyboard shortcut article is here: https://support.evernote.com/link/portal/16051/16058/Article/587/What-are-the-keyboard-shortcuts-in-Evernote-for-OS-X
  22. I would tend to let Evernote worry about its own branding and character. I also sense that Evernote really shies away from putting scads of options into its programs (a la MS Word or Firefox, say); feels like a conscious attempt to avoid UI clutter. On the other hand, if were a usability problem, then that would be something else altogether.
  23. While I know that jefito doesn't like the "+1" posts, I don't see any harm, and potentially some benefit. I tend to think that posts containing only "+1" or "bump" as weak ("Is that *all* you have to say about the topic?"); they don't do much for me but add noise. And it's not just me: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=17008&p=83247&hilit=bump#p83247. To excerpt:
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