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  1. You mean that you wouldn't approve is it were available to all users? Seriously, I doubt that this is the kind of feature that they would make as a premium-only feature.
  2. Since it's not supported on the Mac, you'd need to somehow get a Windows version running and do the import from there. I think that forum search will help you; I seem to recall the scenario being discussed.
  3. Indeed, you are correct, though I've never used it. File / Import / Microsoft OneNote. Further forum search would probably be helpful.
  4. They may not be commenting here, but then again, they don't comment on everything. I'm guessing that they're not ignoring the issue. It's certainly got enough attention. Good luck.
  5. I'd try throwing myself on the tender mercies of the support folk first...
  6. You could try submitting a support inquiry. Or pay for a premium membership, then recant after a month.
  7. The other layer of organization is stacks. I think that if Evernote had wanted arbitrarily nested notebooks (that's been requested numerous times), they'd have done that rather than stacks. But you never know...
  8. Yeah, no hanging indents in Evernote. Generally, if you want to do lining up of text in lines, you could use a table. Not that tables are fully fleshed-out in Evernote at this time, so that's no picnic either.
  9. If Evernote didn't look at WebOS / Touchpad with a careful eye, I'd be surprised. Seems to me to a situation where wait-and-see would be the best strategy; If some other hardware vendor picks up the WebOS flag and waves it vigorously, then sure, go for it. But in the mean time, you put your efforts where you can see actual growth possibilities.
  10. In the Windows client, at least, you can use Ctrl+M and Ctrl+Shift+M to increase or decrease indentation.
  11. It seems unlikely, given past behavior, that this would be the sort of feature that Evernote would put in the Premium-only feature list. And even if it were, the usual calculation on this is how many more paying customers would this gain vs. the effort that it would take to implement it (including any necessary database changes to support it, and any side-effects of making those changes compatible with all other Evernote clients). Sure. But Evernote does a lot of things that other note-taking apps don't do. Ultimately, Evernote could probably do anything that they chose; so far, they just haven''t chosen to implement this particular feature, and that doesn't seem to have hurt its growth. But who knows, maybe they'll do it someday.
  12. In lieu of actual manual sorting which does not exist in Evernote at this time, you may be able to come up with a tag system that allows you to order your tasks.
  13. That may be because Evernote doesn't always (or even often) pre-announce their development roadmap. It's an interesting idea, but may be more complicated for them to add, particularly UI-wise, than they wish to tackle at the moment. You might be better served by adding the database as an attachment, then activating it when you need to make changes.
  14. *...Arms folded, eyebrows raised, toe tapping... waiting...*
  15. Oh, I don't disagree -- I am just going on what I've read from them over the past couple of years, and what they've chosen to focus on. The basic to-do is there, sure, but it's taken awhile to roll out over the different clients. Meanwhile, Due dates have been talked about for awhile, and actually exist in at least one client (though mainly unsupported), but haven't moved forward yet. Given the amount of push they're giving to 3rd-party development, my feeling is that's where non-trivial task management based on Evernote will come from. That's a good suggestion. Tags are powerful and flexible, and learning to use them well is essential for using Evernote well. I'd look for "GTD" threads, for one...
  16. Eh?!? 1Gb is 1024Mb. You sure you don't mean 200 Kb? Otherwise, this doesn't make sense. Since the rest of the math worked out, I figured it was a typo (and referred to the correct value in my reply.
  17. It may be as simple as adding a footnote to the estimated # of photos to give an average photo size (200KB in this case).
  18. I think that if you search the forum for "todo list" or similar, you'll find that Evernote's primary focus is on note storage and retrieval, rather than being a todo list manager. I believe that the aim is mainly to provide enough pieces for third-party developers to provide the kind of solution you're seeking. You should try looking in the Trunk: http://www.evernote.com/about/trunk/
  19. I am using the Evernote clipper version in Chrome 13.0.782.215 m, and it all seems to be working fine. If you're using that Evernote clipper version, have you tried removing and then re-installing it?
  20. The web clipper sends the clips through to the Evernote cloud storage. Notes clipped using the web clipper need to be synced back down to the device (in your case, the desktop client). Have you done a syn yet? Another question; the notes should be visible in the web client -- can you see them there?
  21. I recommend that you check out TuskTools, described in this forum thread: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=28913.
  22. Yes. A copy of the document that you added is stored in the Evernote database on your hard drive, as well as the original in its original location.
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