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  1. Possibly small relative to the number of Mac Evernote users, supposing that it scales linearly.
  2. One other potential solution is to access one of them via the web.
  3. This has been requested before. I wouldn't say that it's never going to happen, but neither have I seen anything from the Evernote folks that it's in the cards either.
  4. I wouldn't rule it out, but I got the impression from Evernote staff comments that it's not a likely development, at least any time soon.
  5. I believe that it's by design. I seem to recall Dave E commenting on this; the reason was that Evernote did not want to allow the user of a shared document to add tags to the owner's tag collection. If memory serves...
  6. No problem -- thanks for making the suggestion and presenting it well.
  7. Except that you left out the actual UI work, before you pitched it over the wall to QA. Off the top of my head (and guessing at the behind-the-scenes machinery): * adding the right-click menu item for "Convert to LaTeX image", and its converse (but only when the alt text indicates it's a LaTeX image), and hooking up the handler code * fetching the LaTex conversion URL service from the preferences (and adding UI to set and maintain that in Options) * handling any errors from the HTTP GET operation (which itself can fail) and any appropriate user notification * converting the image to whatever internal format Evernote uses and storing it in the appropriate place * Making sure that the Undo's are handled correctly * Adding the unit tests (if they're used) * Handling undos if anything special needs to be done * Handle the converse of the convert-to-LaTeX operation: replace element (however its represented in Evernote) with its alt text string * Write up the test cases for the QA engineers * handle any other host of seemingly trivial but time-sucking tasks that need to be done Anyways, I know what you're saying. This is not in the realm of rocket science in terms of complexity. It would be an interesting addition. But the question always remains for the developers: is it worth whatever effort it takes for the expected benefit? That's a question that I usually step away from, because I'm not privy to any of Evernote's internal plans. So good luck...
  8. I'm still not sure where you get the notion that this is all so easy for Evernote to implement.
  9. In Windows, the screenshot clipper normally clips into an Evernote, but if the Ctrl key is pressed down when you release the mouse button during lipping, the screenshot will go to the clipboard instead. I find this very handy, and clip to the clipboard more often than I clip to Evernote, frankly.
  10. A reasonable request to make this an option, sure. Obviously it doesn't work well for some folks; generally -- and particularly since version 4 came out -- it works fine for me. Granted I have a much smaller database, ~650MB, from about a year's worth of use. But even on my work machine, which is a dog, no problems with incremental searching. Actually, I like the Google behavior, and I have no problem with Evernote's either. One benefit is that for some searches I get quicker results, because if I can filter to ~8 or so notes, I can usually stop searching and pick the note I am looking for. BTW, I see no significant hit on system resources, of any kind, at least using Process Explorer. A slight, and temporary CPU rise while typing in the Evernote.exe process (maxed once to %13, but typically much lower), but then again it rises while typing in this forum for the Chrome.exe process, too.
  11. I believe that the Mac client works in the same was as the Windows client: Word documents and other attachments are handled by using whatever the OS is configured to use when it encounters one of these file types. The Windows client also allows you to choose a different editing program than the default, as well.
  12. I tried it, and it worked. Did you have problems when you tried it?
  13. Thanks for the verification, the both of yas...
  14. (note, these answers pertain to the Windows client, since the client is not specified) Not that I know of currently -- it's one at a time. If you want them to go to the same note, you can open up Evernote, clip to the clipboard, and paste them into your emergent note. I think that merge honors the order of selection, so you should make your selection accordingly. If you want a different order for your notes than they appear in the list, you'd need to use Ctrl + Click to clink in the order that you want them to appear.
  15. That's not a problem at all, you've misunderstood my idea. The only thing needed is an option in the context menu that converts the selected text to an "existing web-friendly renderings like JPEG, GIF, PDF, etc." by using a web service that interprets the text as LateX (or MathML). That's everything! To be fair to Dave, your original proposal was automatic conversion of '$' delimited text into LaTex generated images. By changing the requirements to a right-click option after Dave replied to you is just moving the goalposts. BTW, I do think that a user-initiated approach is better in the context of Evernote.
  16. Not that I know of, at least on the Windows Evernote client. If you're using a different client, you should ask in the specific forum for that client; capabilities and things like keyboard shortcuts can differ between the different versions.
  17. Wasn't a mater of belief; since you seemed to miss the first part of what I said, I just wanted to verify that you were quoting the string, and not trying to stress you out -- sorry about that. I agree, it does looks like a bug to me, and not intended, at least I hope that it isn't: it can be very useful to be able to search for literal text that contains spaces or punctuation sometimes. You're on the Mac, but I can't replicate it in the Windows client.
  18. Cross-platform access to your notes. Check. Usefulness. Check. Kind to trees. Check. Bookmarks are fine as far as they go. But the objects of bookmarks change (or vanish altogether), and it can be good to capture the page you're looking at now. Also it can be nice to capture a portion of a page, or a cleaner version of a page (q.v. Readability). Web clipping allows you to do all of this (and it captures the URL too). Also, for the desktop clients at least, it makes information available to you, even when you're not connected to the web. As best as I can tell, Evernote believes in using tools that work for you. If Evernote works for you, then use it -- the basic service is free. Some uses may not be available in Evernote; if other methods work better, then use them. Their motto is: "Capture anything. Access anywhere. Find things fast." That boils it down pretty well for me.
  19. Doesn't work. I'm searching within the note itself, with a very specific criteria, whether it is a exact link or phrase, yet it comes up all over the place. My suggestion {b}was for searching within the note itself. Did you enclose your search string in quotes?
  20. Nope, it isn't XML: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LaTeX
  21. Having already suggested '+tag:' and 'tagtree:' previously in this thread (I now think that 'tags:' would be better than 'tagtree'), 'tag:+' is spelling variant on the same concept. The latter might be a little problematic for anyone who , for whatever reason, uses a '+' character on the end of their tag names, but then again a similar problem already exists for someone who uses a '*' character there; both are currently accepted by the Windows UI (the '+ seems to work). One further refinement to the basic concept that would probably be required/desired: a way to search for tag + immediate children and also a way to recursively search on tag + all children. Hey, how about 'tag+:' and 'tag*:'? How these all sort themselves out w.r.t other tags in the search, 'any:'/'all:' combinations, etc. is open to further analysis. I'd be disinclined to want a special mode, via a checkbox or Preference, if it prevented a user from mixing and matching search types. The other end of things is making it easier for people to apply a tag and all of its parents to a note in one shot. In interacting with the tag tree, in Windows at least Ctrl+click and Shift+click to do this with the selected tag might have been possibilities, but as discussed, they're already taken (maybe alt+click?), but a right-click menu option with something like "Apply tag and parents to note" would probably be OK. The Assign Tags dialog and the Note tag control are more problematic. One question would be whether this operation was static: the tag and its parents are all added as-is, and remain so, even if the tag is moved elsewhere in the tree, or dynamic: its parent tags are recomputed if the tag is moved.
  22. The Windows installation includes a command-line program -- ENScript.exe -- that would allow you to do this (use it in a Windows shortcut by embedding an "ENScript showNotes" command that identifies a uniquely tagged note), but I don't think that Evernote for the Mac has such a tool. However, you may be able to use AppleScript to accomplish this, though I don't know this for sure. You might try searching the Mac forum for "applescript"...
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