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  1. Like Dave said, it's a design choice, one that works for some (me, for example), but not for everyone. It really reflects that tags are descriptive terms with multiple meanings, depending on unrelated contexts. For example, if I were a herpetologist and a software developer, I might reasonably have a 'Python' tag, but where would it live if the tag structure was truly hierarchical, and not just an organizational scheme? If I put it in one branch (say, Snakes / Python), then the other (Computer / Computer Languages / Python) loses out: Hey, I'm just looking for my snakes, but I keep getting Dell and Apple and Ruby. But with the current design, I can put it in the tag tree wherever its convenient for me, and use it freely in any context where one if its meanings fits. ~Jeff
  2. By virtue of it having been suggested, I'm sure it's on the list... ~Jeff
  3. Sandboxes are nice... ...except when they're not... ~Jeff
  4. Sorry, I can't help on the Mac. Windows-only. But surely, Chrome extensions -- not just Evernote's -- in on the Mac can be configured, right? If not via a right-click option, how about through Chrome's Tools / Extensions? ~Jeff
  5. I forget whther you need to install this yourself, but you can find it in the Chrome web store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc. ~Jeff
  6. The clipper options; in Chrome, right click on the Evernote icon, and select Options... ~Jeff
  7. I think that they have a legalistic 'out' on Linux, since you can still use the Web to access your notes. After all, it doesn't say "works natively"... ~Jeff
  8. My guess is that the answer shouldn't be too surprising: the resources to do a Linux app, vs. the potential market share gain. It should be no secret that Evernote in its heart would like to support every platform that there is, including Morse code and that CP/M machine you have mouldering down in the basement behind that old Nordic Trak machine, but they do have limits on their resources. Potential market share is limited so my feeling is that Linux is a bit down the list. Besides, with a published API, and that can-do Linux spirit, maybe a third-party developer might want to take up the cause... ~Jeff
  9. I'd like to raise the stakes on this one. I didn't use Evernote in the good old days of wine, roses and autotagging (i.e. I don't know exactly how autotagging worked), but I do use GMail, and one of its best features is its ability to set up filtering rules based on various email criteria (I do this in Outlook a lot as well). I want to be able to easily and automatically categorize my notes as I gleefully fling them into the gaping maw of the that omnivorous, information sucking (hoovering for our British cousins) beast that Evernote is at heart. Let me control what notebook to route my note to, what tags to apply, and whatever other metadata to be set, based on note content, title content, note source, my location or whatever else makes sense. We should be able to apply this as notes come in to the system, or an an ad hoc basis, to make mass note management tasks easier. Maybe this is n not needed now, but in the future, when note volumes for folks like BurgersNFries or jbenson start to exceed the 100s of thousands, this might come in handy. I promise not to say 'I told you so'. ~Jeff
  10. Nope. The only workaround that I can think of is to copy a piece of text with the formatting that you want (one character should do it), and paste it in to the place that you want to use the formatting, then type what you want. Then go back and delete the piece that you pasted. For example: Here's my starting point: "Here is my text with fancy styling. I want the same fancy styling " Pick up the 'f', and paste it at the end of the second sentence: "Here is my text with fancy styling. I want the same fancy styling f" Type the rest of your text: "Here is my text with fancy styling. I want the same fancy styling fhere." Delete the pasted bit: "Here is my text with fancy styling. I want the same fancy styling here." But there's no way to apply a formatting style to an existing piece of text that I know of. Not up to me. It'd be a nice touch, though. ~Jeff
  11. At a guess, I'd say no, at least in the short term. All notes that go through the API need to be formatted as ENML. If they were to support it internally (i.e. on the other side of the API), that would mean a change to their ENML specification, something that would affect all clients and the server code as well. To support it externally (client-side) would mean there'd need to be translation back-and-forth between Markdown'd text and ENML. I'd wonder about the fidelity of those translations. Also, how well does markdown work in the rich-text editing world? It's an intriguing idea, particularly in the context of their clients that don't support rich editing and plain text could be turned into text that contains formatting code; maybe that would be something that a third-party application could make some hay with? None of this means that that I think that it couldn't be done -- I'm just wondering about the feasibility of doing it. ~Jeff
  12. I would guess that the answer is no, at least for the short term. Evernote is primarily a cross-platform note capture and storage mechanism, with facilities for note taking. It's not meant to be a replacement for dedicated to-do lists, project planners or mind-mappers. ~Jeff
  13. I already knew 'detritus', it's come in handy in my recent stint of refactoring some old libraries of ours (some of it's at least 14 years old). New work rule: we pay double for removing code. ~Jeff
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