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  1. The web clipper sends the clips through to the Evernote cloud storage. Notes clipped using the web clipper need to be synced back down to the device (in your case, the desktop client). Have you done a syn yet? Another question; the notes should be visible in the web client -- can you see them there?
  2. I doubt that anyone is going to take up their time to notify you when it's not important enough for you to check back yourself, but you can subscribe to the thread by clicking on the Subscribe Topic link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Talk to your IT people? I mean, where I work, circumventing IT policy is generally a serious offense, but sometimes, they implement blanket policies, and can be persuaded. Or go to your boss and let them know how useful Evernote is in performing your job.
  4. OK, fair enough -- for my part, I wouldn't seek to restrain you from saying whatever you want to anyone you choose, including this forum. I'd just hope that you would give Evernote a fair shot at trying to help you out, in their normal process, before advocating too strongly against their products. After all, bugs occur in almost all software, but support is also part of a proper evaluation. And they may yet have a way for you to recover your data.
  5. You seem to be talking to me as if I am an employee; I'm not. FYI, at the premium level, you're paying for faster support, yes, but you're also paying for more storage and support for more file types. If that package is too expensive for you, that's your call. If your intention here is to threaten Evernote into supporting you faster because you might badmouth them to all of your friends, well, good luck with that. BTW, this is primarily a user forum, and other users can sometimes help with problems, sometimes not. And sometimes Evernote staff will respond here, but it's not guaranteed. Go through the support channel; that's what it's there for. Good luck.
  6. Have you filed a support inquiry? Maybe you should try that first...
  7. Posting a request in forum serves as a feature request. As nearly as I can tell, Evernote folks do read every post, though they don't always reply.
  8. This has been requested, possibly not in the scope of what Evernote is aiming to provide (but hey, you never know).
  9. Erm... Syntax error, line 1: expected ';' before ')' Maybe you need syntax checking too...
  10. That's fine, but working with tags is generally better supported in Evernote than is working with free text in titles. For example, in the Windows client, you have an easy way to tag multiple notes, which would be difficult to do with keywords in titles. You must be very disciplined.
  11. Right -- just trying to illustrate that things that are easy to describe may not be the best choice.
  12. Hmmm, bubble sort is easy to explain, and it's not hard to get a correct implementation of a bubble sort, but so what? Implementation is not usually the problem, it's choice of algorithm, and bubble sort is of course notoriously poor for anything but the most trivial uses. I think you're right -- there are probably fail cases in any algorithm that will be used to pick a thumbnail candidate out of a collection of images. I think that making a good guess is fine, but the best case for users would probably be to allow them to designate which image to use if the guess is not the one that they want.
  13. I'd suggest a saved search. Add a special tag for this purpose, and mix it in with a date search. For example, the following search would return all notes that have your special tag, and were updated more than two weeks ago: -tag:MySpecialTag -updated:week-2
  14. OK, got it. I think anything else would have too many words, and "largest smallest" probably works because it's short and easy to remember (and apparently self-contradictory). Cool.
  15. OK then: useful to know anyways.
  16. Evidently it already searches through tags, at least on the Windows desktop. I believe that that's limited to just note titles. Easy enough to test. Pick a word that appears in a number of note titles and create a tag with the same name. Tag a note that does not contain that word in its title. Do an intitle: search on that word, and the note that you tagged with your new tag should not appear. Apparently they've been doing this behind our backs all this time. So maybe not negligible, but probably not particularly noticeable either, at least at human speed (the speed at which that we interact with the UI).
  17. I didn't know that matching tags would be found as well. That's useful -- thanks.
  18. I didn't see anything in amer's suggestions that would slow down the raw search speed...
  19. Oddly enough, I have a recipe for SPam and baked bean pie (it's a New England thing) from my mother. I pull it out every so often, when the occasion seems auspicious. It's been a couple of years, though, hmmm...
  20. This allows you to narrow your search space to note titles; unqualified searches will search note title and content, possibly returning matches that you're not interested in. Saved searches are not workarounds, and are in fact pretty handy for persisting searches that are used often. They can also be a gateway to better (more precise) searches: start with a saved search, and add more search terms to narrow your search. That being said I think that search history would be really useful, and a way to organize saved searches would be nice to have as well. You can multi-select use the tag tree to filter your note list by tag, if you don't want to type. Again, I agree that the drop-down menu of tags-that-begin-with-x would be useful in the search bar; Evernote already uses this technique in the Assign Tags dialog (Ctrl + Alt + T).
  21. For a workaround to this, try "Hotel Pap*"
  22. Oh. My. God. You really don't get it... I really do get that your feature request has merit. I just don't think that it's as important as you seem to believe, particularly since there's a workaround (i.e. cut'n'paste). It's still allowed for users to have differences of opinion, last time I checked. It'd be OK to keep the melodrama down to a dull roar...
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