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  1. Yes - that's going in the right direction and we'll include it in our testing. I was hoping though for a more "fluid" ereader like the Kindle app or Nook app that was easier to manage than a regular pdf. Optimally, it would be one that could also handle .epub as well. (And why not everyone's different DRM if I'm dreaming big dreams ;-)
  2. Greetings, Here at our high school we are BYOD and platform agnostic as we have been since 2000. We have some teacher generated anthologies (from public domain work) that we want students to be able to read and annotate on a variety of platforms including iOS, Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Android, etc. At the moment, the Nook app (not for long I'm sure) permits upload of pdf, commenting and highlighting that synchronizes across devices (provided one has a B/N account). The Kindle app does not appear to import pdf. Adobe Digital Editions will read across platforms, but won's synchronize annotations. Optimal would be a third party Evernote app that functioned as a reader but kept its comments, etc. directly in Evernote and maintained the synchronization. Does it exist out there somewhere?
  3. We had a sponsored group running as a pilot with the 50% education discount. We were shut off of that February 2 when (apparently) sponsored groups were discontiuned. So far the only referrals I'm getting are for the Evernote for Business option instead and I cannot discover where any ed discount exists. Has the education discount gone away? If not, how do I move my sponsored group into the new solution. If not, $120/student or teacher/year is a pretty high bar ($60 was already pretty high in my view).
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