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  1. Here's the stuff I made for Thanksgiving/Christmas at the Wilde Home this year: https://www.evernote.com/pub/heathriel/holidayrecipes
  2. Very smart suggestion @realtohr! Yes, our "Display name" pulls your username (by default) but will be overridden by what you have entered into the Full Name field. Username is displayed as lower-case due to the way our database is set up, but Full Name allows for capitalization. So, if it is simply an issue in the way something is being displayed, rather than creating a new account, you may wish to fill out your online profile in your User Settings.
  3. I show you have 3 support requests on file with us. One was filed in September, and was answered and replied to multiple times by yourself/us, then eventually closed out with a resolution. Two were filed yesterday. One appears to be gibberish text with a log attached. As a Free user, you will be assisted when time permits, as we must assist our Business and Premium users first, however you will receive a reply.
  4. You will need to use your backup codes (or send SMS) to get back into your account, and then completely re-set up the process. Unless you actually saved it somewhere, there is no way to re-use the same QR code on another copy of Google Authenticator.
  5. I checked the ticket 174158 - I see that it initially came in on September 29th, however the time of day it came in was the end of the business day for the Customer Success team, so they handled it the first thing in the morning when they arrived. As you are paying for the top tier, you have a dedicated Customer Success team who know your account and the history of your company. Once that contact began, they responded within an hour each time, and then checked on you for a follow up after the case was resolved. The same with ticket 214216. It came in at midnight and was answered when the team arrived in the morning at 7AM, then you responded 2 minutes later, and he again 5 minutes after that telling you that it is currently a bug and is being worked on.
  6. The Import Folder option is available only in Evernote for Windows.
  7. Check this out: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/28980-importing-a-list-from-csv-file/
  8. Just to add to this, once you move the data off our servers, they're gone for good. So, no harm, no foul. Granted, this very thing has caused some of our users to complain that we were unable to restore things they had unintentionally *removed* from our servers. However, if its not there, we can't restore it. And this is pretty much why.
  9. I just use the Dolphin browser on iOS, with full clipping support to Evernote.
  10. We have determined that this problem occurred due to an error with our Customer Support system tools. We deeply regret this error, and we have taken immediate corrective steps to ensure this will not happen again.
  11. Unfortunately, there's no way to set those notes to be "read-only", but you can check your Note History to see if you've made a change and change it back.
  12. We’ve added the ability to let you customize your homescreen by either reordering the items, or removing those that you don’t use frequently. Do this by tapping on the Edit button at the very bottom of the homescreen. If you have a lot of items you might need to scroll to see it.
  13. Thank you for bringing us to our attention. We take all reports like this very seriously and we're looking into this to find the cause.
  14. I do apologize for the miscommunication from the team - unfortunately, our first tier support did not understand your request. Enscript is one of the technical integration points that is referred to in that email. Here is information from the Developer site directly: http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php
  15. Chris is correct - purchasing from an unauthorized retailer may result in losing the "Premium" you've bought (with no recourse, as you didn't purchase from us), and in some cases may even lead to account closure (or worse, account theft.) There are various schemes out there, and the prudent thing to do is to report them to Evernote Support (via the link in my signature) whenever you find one so that we can work on getting them taken down and protecting the honest users who may be led astray.
  16. <off topic rant moved here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/44048-who-do-these-evangelists-think-they-are/ >
  17. Each Evernote account must have a unique email address and a unique username. They are then assigned a unique user ID on our server (numerical).
  18. You should receive an email immediately for an in-app request, the same way you do for the web form. If you don't, it didn't work. That said, I just sent one from my iOS 7 device, and it worked for me. However, I have had trouble in the past with my Android.
  19. Yes, you just reply to the email you received.
  20. Correct. But you can contact Customer Support if you are missing any credit.
  21. Referrals only get credit when they click the referral link *and* they install a client (not join from the Web), so the invitations alone won't do it for you.
  22. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/evernote/id281796108?mt=8
  23. Pixelate is not an available option for PDFs, as it is merely an overlay.
  24. *All* members of Sponsored Groups were notified that Sponsored Groups were being discontinued to the contact information of the administrator of the account. Any members currently on a paid plan have until the end of their term to make arrangements to transfer. We did not cancel anyone without *any* notice. People whose accounts were cancelled for nonpayment we were unfortunately unable to reactivate, as the Sponsored Groups product no longer exists. Unfortunately, people who did not have correct billing information on file may have had their accounts discontinued sooner than they wished. We have attempted to work with everyone who has contacted us to make arrangements to transition their accounts to Evernote Business as smoothly as possible. However, there is nothing we can do to reactivate a Sponsored Group. For Educational discounts of 75% off 5 seats or more, you can go to http://evernote.com/schools/
  25. I've converted your post to a Support ticket. Don't do anything with your backup until Support contacts you please.
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