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  1. Thank you both for the prompt response. First, I am a free user so no note history. Second, when I go to the evernote library in finder (user/content/) there are lots of folders. Third, further complication: I screwed up on my laptop, but it is my desktop that has time machine. Sooo. I painstakingly looked through content at the "Pxxx" folders by date and "did a quick look"on the laptop. I copied the appropriate folders into dropbox and added them to the desktop content. Found the appropriate one and went back to yesterday in time machine, clicked on the folder to restore (kept both files). VOILA! Success!! *whew* steep learning curve and a wasted day, but maybe this will help someone else. BTW, spotlight only shows the current version of that file. Haven't tried the other but will make a note. Also, will consider the upgrade. Thanks to you both!!
  2. Hello, this is my first time on any forum, but I have a question. Somehow I deleted the text from one of my notes (must have absent mindedly selected it the accidentally hit enter). Of course, it synched (i.e. eliminated!) everywhere! At any rate, I want that text. As I deleted text, not the note, it is not in the trash anywhere. I tried to search/follow other web searches, and "found" the evernote data back up from a day ago (no easy task!!). But even going back in time does not seem to recover the text from that note. Is synch retroactive? Is there no way to restore the state of that note to a prior time when the text was present?? If there is a way, can you give me a step by step broken down for a 3rd grader? Remember, the note still exists, it is just blank. Thank you for any help/insight you can provide. If I am SOL then give me the bad news, and I can start to try to rebuild, however, this really panics me as I have some critical information on some notes that could be catastrophic is I cannot go back in time. (should I go to manual synch?). Help.
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