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  1. Hello I would really like to have same default fonts for all my evernote apps, preferably evernote web font. I currently use Evernote on 1. Windows 2. Android 3. Web
  2. I recently installed evernote plugin for outlook, however, could not find way to log in to my evernote account using google sign in. Can you please consider adding google sign in to outlook plugin. I really not prefer to create password for evernote just for Outlook plugin.
  3. Hello, I wonder if there is any news or work going on to implement dark mode for evernote desktop? Evernote has been always integral part of my thinking and work process. However, I recently shifted to work late at night and usually keep dark mode on for my PC. But whenever I needed to switch to evernote for note taking or for any reason, the white brightness is very disturbing. I would be delighted if Evernote team consider implementing Dark mode for Evernote. Thank you
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