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  1. That’s OK for me ... I get it. First, I am going to translate what I said in my response to your first comment in Spanish, but in English. Here goes: "With this“ old ”interface, I see EVERYTHING COMPLETE and I can also see the MAIN CONTENT (the last notes) of each section. The way I see it, in the "new" version, I only have one icon (I don't know the content of that section). For the rest, beyond the explanation I found in the forums about the changes, is there a SOLID reason why this “old” interface cannot be ADDED -just as an option- to choose THE MODE in which we SEE our contained in a cell phone? By default, there may be that option that you show there. And as an OPTION, the one that I show in the image that I attach ... What is the technical complexity so that, in a new version, there are TWO options (one by default -the new- and the other as OPTION -the “vintage” -)? " Then, I am going to tell you what I think about what you propose. I understand everything you wrote and it seems reasonable to me, but nevertheless I write this because I am an Evernote user (like many other Evernote users), who LOVES this application and finds it EXTREMELY USEFUL. My FUNDAMENTAL objection and that leads me not to update the application, is regarding the HUGE amount of comments that I have read about the loss of notes and the content of the notes. Then, of course, there is the problem that, in my view, is also decisive, and has to do with the use of the NEW user interface: it is less friendly, since you MUST DO MORE STEPS to find a note. And this does not happen, I believe, with the "old" user interface. Finally and not least, for me (although almost no one sees it this way) it is the AESTHETIC BEAUTY of the old user interface. Of course, I understand what you say, without a doubt. Despite this, I ask you again and again, is it very complex (despite all the reasonable explanations you have given me) to put this "vintage" user interface option in a new Evernote update? I send you a greeting and I hope that this option may ever exist in Evernote and that there are no more problems regarding the loss of notes and their contents. THANKS A LOT!
  2. Con esta interfaz “vieja”, veo TODO COMPLETO y también puedo ver el CONTENIDO PRINCIPAL (las últimas notas) de cada sección. De la forma en que yo lo veo, en la “nueva” versión, sólo tengo un ícono (no sé el contenido de esa sección). Por lo demás, más allá de la explicación que encontré en los foros sobre los cambios, ¿hay alguna razón SÓLIDA por la cuál no se pueda AGREGAR esta interfaz “vieja” -sólo como una opción- para elegir EL MODO en el que VEMOS nuestro contenido en un celular? Por default, puede existir esa opción que mostrás allí. Y como OPCIÓN, la que yo muestro en la imagen que adjunto... ¿Cuál es la complejidad técnica de que, en una nueva versión, existan DOS opciones (una por default -la nueva- y otra como OPCIÓN -la “vintage”-)?
  3. Hola... Hace 9 años que soy usuario Premium de Evernote. En una de las actualizaciones, hace un par de años, sacaron la opción Home Screen, EXTREMADAMENTE ÚTIL para mí. Al actualizar la app y al no contar con esa función, la búsqueda de notas se me hizo MUCHO MÁS ENGORROSA. Con Home Screen, podía ver TODAS las opciones: Notes, Notebooks, Shortcuts, Tags, Workchat y Places. Pedí, INFRUCTUOSAMENTE, que retornara esa función. Evernote NUNCA respondió NADA acerca de por qué había suprimido esa función. Me comuniqué varias veces y NUNCA dieron ningún motivo por el cuál hayan suprimido esa función. Y en los foros, pude averiguar que la justificación de esa supresión, es que eliminaba la necesidad de “pasos” para encontrar una nota, lo que, CLARAMENTE, es FALSO, ya que con la nueva interfaz (SIN HOME SCREEN o, siquiera, una OPCIÓN para tener Home Screen), se requieren MÁS PASOS QUE ANTES para encontrar una nota. ¿Cuál fue la “solución” que encontré? Retornar a la última y vieja versión de Evernote... La versión “verde”, con Home Screen. Ahora sólo tengo un problema, con esta versión (que nunca antes había aparecido) y NO QUIERO actualizarla, ya que he leído ABUNDANTEMENTE sobre la PÉRDIDA DE NOTAS y LA PÉRDIDA DE PARTE del contenido de la notas (cosa que a mí, con la “vieja” versión de Evernote, NUNCA me ha sucedido). El problema es que, al intentar compartir (Share), puedo hacerlo. Pero, luego de compartir algo, al retornar a la app, ésta queda “freezada” y, para “desfreezarla” (por decirlo de alguna manera), debo SÍ O SÍ salir de la app. Es, claramente, un problema. Supongo que este problema, quizás, pueda deberse a que, accidentalmente, actualicé la app e INMEDIATAMENTE, al darme cuenta, CANCELÉ la actualización (para no sufrir el “nuevo” Evernote sin Home Screen y con pérdida de notas). AFORTUNADAMENTE, no se actualizó la app, por lo que conservo las “viejas” funciones y aspecto que tanto AMO de Evernote. Entonces, un problema: el “freezado” de la app LUEGO de compartir algo y al retornar a la app. Y una solicitud: que exista una opción de VISUALIZACIÓN al abrir Evernote, en una futura actualización, para que podamos optar por Home Screen y ver TODAS LAS OPCIONES al abrir la app. Me gustaría, al menos, una respuesta del equipo de Evernote acerca de estas inquietudes mías. Les mando un saludo. Hernán.
  4. No. Fortunately, I have no comment to make on this version. Luckily, I was able to upgrade to version 7.18.1. I made several comments until version 8.0.2; But then I did not do it, because I started using version 7.18.1. But I could make those comments since, because of my work, I need to buy an iPod and maybe I could install that version to see how it works. I doubt that it does, because from what I read, the problems FOLLOW THE SAME. Anyway, that does not prevent me from evaluating the comments expressed here and being able to express myself about those comments, since I am a Premium user of EN and I continue to keep my subscription without hesitation for a moment to continue doing it now and in the future. Finally, I have the right to express my complaints (other users have done so without specifically commenting on this latest version of EN) about the care EN provides to its clients and about the quality of this same care. I have that right, of course; especially, because NEVER the EN count on Twitter answered NONE ONLY from my comments. They did not respond NEVER, so they, unintentionally, help me to GUESS how they work, even though I do not have concrete evidence to support my criticisms, apart from their obvious lack of attention to these (and continue to be) problems.
  5. You're lying ... I did not write that. What I wrote and what you mocked, is a conjecture mine, I must admit, which is based on the "improvements" that appear with each new update of EN and it seems that does not solve NONE of the user's claims of EN. Then, perhaps, if I write it this way, it can be understood better. "I understand that they think in this way". Do you now understand what I mean or is it still unclear?
  6. I can assure you that what you say about Apple is like this. They even assisted me for almost two hours ... AND IT WAS NOT TO SOLVE A PROBLEM MINE! The problem that I had to solve, was the problem of a friend of mine with the synchronization of his new iPhone. My Macbook Pro, like yours, was out of warranty and they were also assisting me so that I, in turn, could help my friend. They continue to assist me AS ON THE FIRST DAY. And I am not a local user, from USA, but a distant user from Latin America, from Argentina. It is also very true what you say about the amount of EN users that we complain about here. Although I hold this forum, I think they think: "We have 80 million users, only 300 are complained. We really do not care, they are very few, better we open a forum and let them complain without censoring them. We can simultaneously say that we care about their complaints and their suggestions.It is a good marketing campaign. " I agree 100% with everything you wrote. Thank you for expressing it so clearly.
  7. P. S. Still using Bear occasionally, just as a "training" for a hypothetical migration, I still use Evernote on 99% of the occasions and I still LOVE Evernote UNCONDITIONALLY. That's why I'm still subscribed to Evernote. I would really like to know what are the technical, practical and commercial reasons why Evernote (essentially Evernote) does not enable the OPTION to use the updated application and, at the same time, to choose to use the previous versions to the updated version (I think when updating iOS, companies that have their applications on the iTunes Store, are not in serious trouble if they support the old versions of their applications, even if those old versions may lack technical support). For the same reason, is it technically complicated to enable those options that have been dropped and to be able to configure "old-fashioned" Evernote in an updated version? Would that be commercially damaging to the company? Would that be technically harmful to the application or too cumbersome to do? Truly, I would like to know the answers to those questions.
  8. True ... but I suppose a massive migration of non-conforming Evernote users NOT ONLY with the user interface or the options of the old versions of Evernote that have been dropped, but with the CURRENT PERFORMANCE of ALL versions subsequent to the 8.0, I think it could be described as a disaster for THEY. Anyway, with this user interface, there are better applications than Evernote. For example, Bear, which I am already using and to which I am subscribed and whose subscription is cheaper than subscribing to Evernote, with a difference: WORKS CORRECTLY.
  9. If at any time the Evernote development team gets to disable any version prior to version 8.0; Or Apple's development team, when upgrading iOS, will determine that versions prior to 8.0 were unusable, as there are several alternatives: 1) Try to hold those versions of Evernote earlier than versions 8.0, in some way; 2) If that is not possible in any way, since those who prefer the versions prior to 8.x, we could migrate to another application without canceling the Evernote subscription; 3) Do the same as in option 2) and cancel the subscription; 4) Make that policy change to disable an application on the part of Evernote and Apple (when updating iOS, that can happen at any time), because that policy has no practical sense and still commercial sense. Companies do not lose money if users keep an old version of an application, as that would cause us to continue (in the case of Evernote, for example) with the subscription without migrating to another application. Otherwise, at least in my personal case, if I can not use the version of Evernote that I want to continue using and I CAN NEVER have the option to CHOOSE all the options I want to configure (my home screen in Evernote , Present mode, etc.) or retain the option I want for my UI, I have no other alternative than to cancel my subscription. I do not know if this option is the one that is best for Evernote SHAREHOLDERS if this becomes more widespread ... I think they should think about it, do not they?
  10. I think there is an alternative. I think you should consider downgrading to an earlier version than 8.0. Unless you strongly prefer the changes made since version 8.0, user jacobberger posted a 4-minute video, in which he indicates how to upgrade to a version prior to version 8.0. The other option, I think is to expand the complaints not only to the Evernote Twitter accounts (all of them) but, as I was doing, to the accounts of those who have decision-making power in Evernote. For example, Nathan Fortin @nfortin That option I tend to think can lead to at least they stop publishing the "wonderful" that is the new Evernote and that they (and others) CLEARLY know the multitude of problems with updates. Here I leave the post where jacobberger puts his video: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/103411-somebody-please-post-evernote-7181-ipa-file/
  11. In the other post, I recorded all my criticisms. I, specifically, only experienced the problem of how slow Evernote behaved when scrolling. I was also able to upgrade to the "new" version and I had to reboot only once, after which the crash issues were solved. HOWEVER, I detailed my criticism of EVERYTHING that Evernote has lost. On the contrary, Evernote HAS NOT BEEN GAINED. But I am not the measure of all things and I have read the other post and in principle, 90% of the comments are NEGATIVE. And even with the new update, many users continue to complain WITH MUCH REASON. What is really disappointing, is that the only solution that seems to find the "team" of Evernote, is to tell those who have problems with each and every update is: "Re-Install". It's really POOR customer service from the Evernote team. While the services offered by Evernote are extremely useful to me (that is why I am still subscribed and I will continue to subscribe to Evernote), it is disappointing that the complaints are so deep and continue to advertise how "wonderful" this update is ... However , They do not say NEITHER a WORD about the reasons why they have removed LOTS of usable options from the application.
  12. Really... I do not know what the REAL benefits of these "updates" are. I mean from 8.0 update. The "speed" is not as they say ... In fact, there are multiple complaints about Evernote behaving slower. The so-called "simplicity" and "quickness" to create a note, is not what they say: In Version 7.18.1, in iOS, I can create a note (audio, reminder, etc.) EVEN without entering the application (iPhone, 3D Touch); entering the application, I can also create WITH A SINGLE CLICK any type of notes. They have suppressed the Presentation option, making it HARDERLY MORE DIFFICULT to read on an iPhone without that option (when it becomes necessary to use that option); deleted the Home Screen and now, at least to me, it was difficult (with the 8.0 and following updates) to find my notes. With Home Screen, I can see ALL OPTIONS and I can decide which one to enter (Shortcuts, Notes, Notebook, Tags, etc.). Also Search (in V. 7.18.1) works PERFECTLY. Words are highlighted without problems when searching and also WITHIN the note (before the 8.0 update). In the old version (which is the one I use, since I could upgrade), I never had (nor do I have now) synchronization problems; I do not have problems regarding "disappear" notes. Finally, the so-called "simplicity", I insist, is not as they say: when I open Evernote, I have a quick overview of all my notes and all the options (as I already said). I think I would upgrade to a new version if Evernote gave me the option to have those features (Home Screen, Presentation, etc.) AGAIN, so that I can CHOOSE how I want to configure Evernote: in the "old" or in the "modern" way. Despite all my complaints, I will continue with my Evernote subscription because I LOVE Evernote, but IN THE "OLD" version 7.18.1. Thank you for letting me have a free opinion in this space and for not censoring my criticisms.
  13. Not even deeply drunk would update Evernote ... I already had enough with the other "updates" ... Thanks, anyway. P. S.: I'm usign NOW EN V. 7.18.1
  14. Follow ALL the indications... I'm using OLD Evernote Version 7.18.1.
  15. This is THE AWFUL TRUTH. I thank you that you said that.
  16. I followed all the indications that you gave in your video, Jake; And I must say that they are PERFECT and that ... I HAVE INSTALLED VERSION 7.18! You are a genius. Thank you so much for your generosity, Jake.
  17. Some questions, Jake B.

    1) Should I uninstall Evernote from my iPhone, BEFORE follow the video instructions?

    2) Should I DELETE the IPA file in my iTunes folder, BEFORE follow the video instructions?

    3) In App Store, Evernote, in my account, is like "Downloaded". 

    4) In iTunes, NOW, I have 7.6.5 version.

    5) What should I do?



    1. jacobberger


      I replied on the YouTube video :)

  18. The app ask me for the password OF THAT USER... I put my Apple ID and Pass and freeze...
  19. Horrible update AGAIN... Unfortunately, I cannot upgrade the app (yet). Are you looking for some good reason to lose subscribers? Ask for advice to the "geniuses" of the marketing sector and the "geniuses" of Evernote project managers ...
  20. Pleaase... I don't have that version in my iTunes folder. I have only the 7.6.5 version of that file, because it was the last time I've synced my iPhone with my Mac. Now, I'm using this version (7.6.5) but I'd like to use the last version before these updates: 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 (these versions are HORRIBLE!) Please, if somebody have the Evernote 7.18.1.ipa file, upload to some place and post the link. Thanks!
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