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  1. This bug is extremely annoying and I am surprised it has not been fixed yet. i recall that it was iOS’ fault when at some point earlier this year it caused the same for every up but since then this has been fixed.
  2. How is this not fixed yet? It must be the most annoying bug we have seen in a while.
  3. But the thing is that mobile devices got so much better over time that people (including myself) are moving away from PCs or Macs. iOS devices are so powerful and capable to do anything. At the same time we have invested so much time in Evernote and there is also a brand loyalty in most of us that makes it so hard to leave. And I don’t want to leave. I just want EN to become a mobile first platform.
  4. That’s so good to hear. I believe that if reminders will be build the right way the % of users will be increased. I would really like to know if part of the mobile update includes the browser’s tables capabilities. Many people now , including myself are mobile first, or just mobile. I would love to be able to do everything on my iPad.
  5. Same here. i am an iOS only user and this doesn’t feel great. But I am looking forward to see Small’s plan to make the EN experience same on every platform.
  6. Guys this is might be the most important and positive news we have heard from EN in a while. It looks that they will finally start listening to the community and in my opinion this is going to be big for EN. Fingers crossed!
  7. This is from the Facebook group of Evernote community group. Thanks for the recommendation tho.
  8. From O'Neil's blog post I want to focus on this: "And what matters most to us is what you, our customers, need." Dear... Everybody, This month I decided to renew my premium and I am ok with it. I feel like I owe this to EN. But personally I do not feel the company is focusing on what matters to me, the customer. Spaces, the first biggest addition to EN is business only. Many multiple unstable releases in many platforms (although I have to admit EN on Android works way faster than iOS). No encryption. How is this possible in 2018 and 3 years after the new CEO tool over? It still feels a raw unpolished product. But what about you guys? Do you feel they listen to you? Are you happy from the progress so far? Because if that's their main goal, something is off.
  9. Well said. EN is a either a product you love or a product you love to hate. And people love speculating EN's future. But the thing is like you said, us, EN's userbase we are not happy with the product's direction. We didn't ask for teams. I get that the company needs to make money but stability and new visual features that never took place brought us to where we are today. Let's hope this will be a new start for something great and not the death of the product we loved.
  10. I had this issue and I deleted and reinstalled the app. Then the problem solved!
  11. I had this problem on my iPad. I deleted the app, reinstalled it and it works now.
  12. For instance this is an article saved from Instapaper to EN The "Yelp Effect" of Patient Surveys Is Making Us Sick The HTML version is kinda problematic like you mentioned. I haven't tried to save the articles as PDFs, but I will give it a try. i like that Pocket / Instapaper are also providing the link of the original article.
  13. Hello all! back in the day when EN introduced the web clipper it was a revolutionary thing. Especially the web version was doing wonders! You could save a clutter free article and highlight etc. is it me or the web clipper of EN on iOS doesn't keep up with the new web era? It is almost impossible to save any article directly from the share sheet. (There is a workaround if you save it on Pocket/Instapaper and then through them to EN). Clipping stuff is one of the most important EN features in my opinion and it has failed me so many times recently. I couldn't save recipes, so I bought Paprika 3 (amazing app btw, if you cook you should definitely check it out). And so many other apps that they are doing one thing so well, that they are eliminating the multiple uses of EN. I would like to have a better web clipper on iOS. What are your thoughts?
  14. Really interesting.. I checked mine on both devices and they appear to be the same... Something must be off!
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