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  1. This feature has been implemented as requested! As of 11-11-2020, the Evernote Helper Scratch Pad now liberates users with 10,000 characters! Thank you Evernote.
  2. Currently, the Evernote Helper Scratch Pad limits users to 300 characters. This is problematic because swapping from the Scratch Pad to the Evernote Application interrupts my workflow. I love the idea of the Scratch Pad. If the Scratch Pad permitted 600 or 1200 characters instead, then it would be more versatile and useful. Thank you for your time and attention.
  3. +1. I would love to see this feature alongside the "open in new window" feature!
  4. Internal Links (links between notes) are great, but they open in the primary window. I like work between multiple notes at once. An option to open internal links in a new window would help me to start working between multiple notes more quickly. Thank you! EDIT: It is possible to open internal links in a new window. Thanks to @aukirk for pointing out that it is possible to open internal links in a new window with the "command" key!
  5. I would love to correct errors in the OCR transcript, especially for long-term information storage! Thank you for sharing this tool.
  6. I love Evernote's OCR capabilities. Evernote's OCR allows me to (1) take notes by hand in the classroom and (2) index and search those notes later. Unfortunately, I find that the OCR is more or less successful based on how the hand-written notes are taken. On college-ruled yellow legal pads, the OCR is around 50 percent successful (many words not recognized; some words partially recognized). On clean white printer paper, the OCR is around 90 percent successful! Clearly the kind of paper you use (and how well you write) impact how well Evernote can recognize handwriting in documents. I wan
  7. I am not an admin, but here is an article on account deactivation/deletion: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208314088-How-to-deactivate-your-Evernote-account I have not encountered unwanted webpages using the web-clipper, but @Andy Helms gave a good explanation. If the issue persists, then you could uninstall/disable the web clipper while still using the main program. Anyway, hope that you find love and peace in the folks around you.
  8. Generally speaking, I really enjoy the layout of the web beta! In my humble opinion, however, some space could be reclaimed for the text editor. This could be done by shrinking the space between the option menu and the note title. Here is the existing web bata editor compared with a mockup web beta editor: Existing Web Beta Editor Mockup Web Beta Editor
  9. I have experienced a similar problem. Certain actions on the web beta, such as refreshing the webpage or closing/opening the window, yield a blank page. I am using Safari Version 13.1.
  10. Thanks for the clarification! I suppose that it seemed novel to me because I only started using the web application recently.
  11. There appear to be some markdown elements on the current web application! * I am using Evernote Web Version 5.30.0 for Safari. It supports the use of hashtags (#) for headers, asterisks/pluses/minuses (*/+/-) for bullets, and numbers (1/2/3) for numbered bullets. Bolding, italics, and underlining is still controlled from the menu bar (or with a keyboard shortcut) exclusively. Some might (correctly) say that this is not true markdown, but I think that it is a step in the right direction. It is easier for me to use ### rather than mouse over to the menu bar for header options. I have n
  12. On Mac Catalina (Evernote Version 7.14) you can hide the sidebar with Command Option S and you can hide the toolbar with Command Option T.
  13. I thought there was one version for iPhone and one version for iPad. This clears things up. Thanks!
  14. Hello, My use current use involves a MacBook and an iPhone, but my MacBook is nearing the end of its lifespan. Consequently, I am considering alternative devices to replace my MacBook. Here are my questions: Is the Evernote toolkit on iPad Pro fully featured? I understand that the application is different on iPad OS, but have not found any videos demonstrating its usage. If I swapped to iPad OS, would I lose comprehensive search, document annotation, presentation mode, or any other desktop features? Knowing what to expect would help me to make an informed decision. Is the Evern
  15. Please do share your results! I am also an Evernote Post-It user, though I still have a small stockpile. It would be nice to know whether auto-sorting and tagging also work with similar, non-Evernote exclusive colors.
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