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  1. One of my uses of Evernote is for capturing recipes I find online. Using Evernote as my cookbook is very frustrating because of this issue. Every time my screen locks or en times out I have to search for the recipe again and find my place. VERY FRUSTRATING!
  2. I use Evernote for everything! One thing I use for a lot is capturing recipes I see online. The problem is that when I open Evernote on my iOS devices and I’m cooking, everytime the screen locks and I open the device back up, Evernote refreshes and I have to go looking for that note/recipe again. You guys sunset’d the AWESOME recipes app you had and I’ve continued to use Evernote standard for recipes but it’s unusable like this. I see other people in discussions on this forum who use Evernote for note taking in class and experience this same issue. And turning off background app refr
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