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  1. iOS may have been at fault. But yeah it's still doing it unfortunately. Very very annoying. Evernote can you please fix this??
  2. Sad to me that not using Evernote is the answer. iOS is probably the OS I use the most so this would mean just not using Evernote. Also I sent the support team this same question and they never answered. If I didn't have so many notes already in it, I would leave it so together.
  3. I have a 10.5 inch iPad Pro from 2017. ANYTIME I leave the app even for a couple seconds and come back, the note refreshes and I lose my place and have to scroll back to where I was. I thought at first that maybe this was just a limitation with the mobile version of the app but I also have an Android phone and it doesn’t have this problem with the mobile app. Anyone else experiencing this? I have began to switch over to OneNote, which I really didn’t want to do, just to avoid this issue. I would really appreciate if someone has a solution to this. thanks
  4. Like the title says. I cut a line in order to move it to another spot. When I paste it back in to the new spot, it is adding a paragraph line that can’t be deleted without deleting the thing I just pasted. This has never happened before, until the last couple weeks. I have a current gen iPad 10.5 on the most recent version of iOS. Note: I also have an android phone with Evernote and do not experience this problem on the Android app. Anyone else having this problem??? thanks
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