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  1. @BrightonStu I just opened my Evernote on the web version and Work Chat was back! I don't know why it seems to come and go. One thing you could try, if you haven't yet, is quitting your browser and restarting it. Maybe that will clear it up. I also had a long load time today and it said my web-based Evernote had been updated to the latest version. Maybe that fixed the Work Chat issue. Give it a try and let us know if the issue resolves for you like it did for me.
  2. Same problem. I'm trying to advise Evernote clients about using Work Chat except there's no navigation to get to it. Add to that the fact that the newest web version isn't using Work Chat and we have BIG PROBLEMS here!
  3. As an ECC, I don't know how to proceed at this point. I promote Evernote all the time to everyone, but I'm conflicted about continuing to do so. I was also preparing an online course and again, I'm not sure if I should invest my time in it at this point. If Evernote is removing functionality, it's going to lose a lot of its attraction for me. I did not update and have no plans to do so for some time. I always thought that having the software configured to the platform it was on was a BENEFIT, not a negative. Seems Evernote didn't agree. As someone who runs my whole business in there and m
  4. Thank you, @gazumped and @DTLow - that makes total sense! I never played with the "merge cells" feature before. I sure will now. Love learning new things. Thanks again! 😊
  5. Congrats to the winners! I took inspiration to upgrade my dashboard. Sadly, I ran out of time to get it together enough to share it here. Maybe next time but thanks to all who shared. We're all winners because of that! 😊
  6. This is great - thanks for sharing it! I should probably put this as a separate thread, but this template illustrates my question. How do you put that single cell header on a table with multiple rows beneath? I haven't been able to duplicate that feature and I'd love to be able to do that with my tables.
  7. Whenever I want to pin a note to the top of a notebook, I use a period (.) or asterisk or number. Those things take the note out of alphabetical order and position it at the top of the notebook. Make sure your notes are being viewed in ascending order by title. You can also use shortcuts or a main table of contents note listing links to all the notes you want frequent access to. For example, long before EN introduced templates, I had created about 50 of them. I have a notebook named .Templates that stays at the top of my notebook list for fast access to all of my templates. There are
  8. Hi Jason, You correctly listed the steps I took. Before I replied, I thought I'd see if I could replicate the issue myself. I could not. I have to suspect now that maybe I was working too fast and hit "annotate copy" instead of annotate image. If the problem shows up again, I'll come back to this post and report it. For now, the problem seems to be resolved. Thanks for following up! Sandee
  9. Hi Jason, Many thanks to the Evernote team for working hard to fix bugs. I think I found a new one. Today I added two screenshots to a table in a note and then opened them to annotate them. I kept waiting for the sync to show my annotations, but when it didn't, I opened my web Evernote to see what was going on. I have that set to show the newest notes first so I found my annotations. In NEW notes. That never happened before. Each annotated screenshot from the table created a new, separate note. Obviously I do NOT want that to happen. Here's a screenshot of my notebook showing
  10. Thank you, Jay-Bob! I use that format feature all the time so I'm glad it's not gone, just relocated. I did like it under the right-click menu, though, for what it's worth.
  11. I've read most of this thread and didn't see the issue I'm facing. I'm running Version 6.13.1 and as an ECC, I am struggling to even recommend EN right now to new clients. And I just put in a proposal to teach Evernote at a tradeshow in my industry next June. We gotta get this worked out or I can't teach the class and frustrate those people the way I'm frustrated. Tables were supposed to be improved in this version. All I can say is, it's a mixed bag. Formatting is completely wonky. Sometimes it works right, sometimes it doesn't. I was creating notes and sharing public links but I
  12. Hi Shane, Glad to have you on board! As an ECC, it's always good to have someone dedicated to supporting us and our clients.
  13. So I reformatted the note so it shows better now in the public link. However, the pictures have all vanished. That's the first time that happened. I'm going to try to put them back now.
  14. I should have waited to update. I use tables so extensively that I was excited to see all the updates. Unfortunately, it's been a nightmare. All my old tables lost their formatting. I have to reformat them, note by note (and I have multiple tables in every note, including templates, which I re-did first). I can only change one table at a time and then I cannot select the next table to fix it without leaving the note and coming back. It's been so time-consuming. However, I persevere knowing I should win the war eventually and that I won't worry about fixing all of them unless I need to.
  15. I agree with Niall about the notebook settings. It looks more like the business version, but I MUCH prefer the other view where I could see soooo many more notebooks at one time. For your power users who have lots of notebooks, the new view is awful!
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