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  1. Whenever I want to pin a note to the top of a notebook, I use a period (.) or asterisk or number. Those things take the note out of alphabetical order and position it at the top of the notebook. Make sure your notes are being viewed in ascending order by title. You can also use shortcuts or a main table of contents note listing links to all the notes you want frequent access to. For example, long before EN introduced templates, I had created about 50 of them. I have a notebook named .Templates that stays at the top of my notebook list for fast access to all of my templates. There are always work-arounds. Hope one of these helps you.
  2. Hi Jason, You correctly listed the steps I took. Before I replied, I thought I'd see if I could replicate the issue myself. I could not. I have to suspect now that maybe I was working too fast and hit "annotate copy" instead of annotate image. If the problem shows up again, I'll come back to this post and report it. For now, the problem seems to be resolved. Thanks for following up! Sandee
  3. Hi Jason, Many thanks to the Evernote team for working hard to fix bugs. I think I found a new one. Today I added two screenshots to a table in a note and then opened them to annotate them. I kept waiting for the sync to show my annotations, but when it didn't, I opened my web Evernote to see what was going on. I have that set to show the newest notes first so I found my annotations. In NEW notes. That never happened before. Each annotated screenshot from the table created a new, separate note. Obviously I do NOT want that to happen. Here's a screenshot of my notebook showing the situation. By the way, I put the attached screenshot into a note but NOT in a table and when I annotated it, this time it stayed in the same note, so I suspect the issue is with the table.
  4. Thank you, Jay-Bob! I use that format feature all the time so I'm glad it's not gone, just relocated. I did like it under the right-click menu, though, for what it's worth.
  5. I've read most of this thread and didn't see the issue I'm facing. I'm running Version 6.13.1 and as an ECC, I am struggling to even recommend EN right now to new clients. And I just put in a proposal to teach Evernote at a tradeshow in my industry next June. We gotta get this worked out or I can't teach the class and frustrate those people the way I'm frustrated. Tables were supposed to be improved in this version. All I can say is, it's a mixed bag. Formatting is completely wonky. Sometimes it works right, sometimes it doesn't. I was creating notes and sharing public links but I learned this week that the tables in those notes are extremely inconsistent for the viewers. Why are they sooooo narrow on the public links? If they are supposed to be sized for mobile phones, that was accomplished. The online web view is awful. Even a 2-column table requires scrolling. It doesn't matter how wide or narrow I make the original note. It doesn't matter what I do with the picture sizes. It's become super-frustrating and I'm ready to give up on EN for this task. I'm wasting too much time fighting with the program to get the results I want. Here's an example of the sizing issue I've been facing. The newest table on top is sizing just right. Scroll down to see how the various tables are all different sizes, no matter what I do to the original note (I have a couple of HOURS into this!). And you have to scroll to the bottom of the NOTE to get the scroll bar (that's why I have so many tables - I thought the scrolled one would have the scroll bar at the bottom of the table, but no....) https://www.evernote.com/shard/s64/sh/5a1e8a55-d044-444c-a468-85f4f1c9dc1f/a425283685952b0e Today was last straw when I tried to right-click on a table to change the color of the table borders. Where did the Table Properties menu disappear to? I can't find it. I've lost a ton of functionality since that vanished. I looked to see if it got moved, but I can't find it. I'm so sorry I ever updated. C'mon Evernote. You used to be the best tool out there. Now? Not so much.
  6. Hi Shane, Glad to have you on board! As an ECC, it's always good to have someone dedicated to supporting us and our clients.
  7. So I reformatted the note so it shows better now in the public link. However, the pictures have all vanished. That's the first time that happened. I'm going to try to put them back now.
  8. I should have waited to update. I use tables so extensively that I was excited to see all the updates. Unfortunately, it's been a nightmare. All my old tables lost their formatting. I have to reformat them, note by note (and I have multiple tables in every note, including templates, which I re-did first). I can only change one table at a time and then I cannot select the next table to fix it without leaving the note and coming back. It's been so time-consuming. However, I persevere knowing I should win the war eventually and that I won't worry about fixing all of them unless I need to. BUT!!!! Today, I checked a public link note and was horrified to see how BAD it looks! I sell promo products and I set up a table on umbrellas for a client. Before the update, the tables were fine. Now? They have to scroll across AT THE BOTTOM of the note and you can't see much width. Look at this! https://www.evernote.com/shard/s64/sh/2316eb56-a348-4acf-9b77-5245e2c3268c/52680e50b738cafd Are you kidding me? I only wish I had checked sooner. I didn't realize how unprofessional my public notes looked. Now I have to re-do those before anyone else looks at them. Why is the public note so narrow? Not even one column wide on my table?? Running 6.12.3 on a newer MacBook Pro. Sandee Rodriguez, Evernote ECC
  9. I agree with Niall about the notebook settings. It looks more like the business version, but I MUCH prefer the other view where I could see soooo many more notebooks at one time. For your power users who have lots of notebooks, the new view is awful!
  10. Thanks - like I said, it's an issue I can live with. My content is there. It's just formatting. I use the templates and then save them in notebooks for future reference so my plan right now is to simply fix the templates first and then deal with each problem table as it happens. I'll get back on here if I get really stuck. Thanks, Jason!
  11. The tables are not returning to their original settings but as I navigate in and out of notes, more of them are allowing me to drag the columns to fix them, but not all of them yet. I can live with the problem, it's just super annoying to redo all of my tables in all of my many templates. This situation actually goes back to a previous update that caused some of the tables to "collapse" and I couldn't fix them. Those are the same tables that are resisting resizing the longest for me now.
  12. No, it's not a nested table. It's just a note with lots of tables. This is a template I have not tried to fix yet: https://www.evernote.com/l/AED2_Cf4FCxNEJor056fBvntAMZE2dY5sE0 This is a note I fixed: https://www.evernote.com/l/AEDDck3T4vZJ1IKmHB7GyRqJTWPEisljWMU I think that part of my problem was the indexing process. With lots of notes with a ton of content in them, my tech husband said it could take at least 24 hours to index. Since I am now able to fix most of the tables, it would seem he is correct. It's just really labor-intensive to fix all the notes with squashed tables. I'm only fixing them on an as-needed basis at the moment, but I dread the client calls about the templates I made for them that will have to be fixed when/if they do this update and have the same issue.
  13. I am an ECC. I'm on a MacBook Pro running macOS Sierra v. 10.12.6 and installed Evernote v. 6.12 Aug. 29, 2017. I have over 3400 notes. I was very excited to get this update because I use tables extensively. However, since I installed the update, I've had major issues with existing tables. If the columns had to be resized due to the update, I understand that, but there are tables that I cannot resize now, or the green resizing line is out of alignment and I can't grab it. This means all the templates I've created with tables are going to be a huge mess to fix if I basically have to redo all the templates. I've attached some screen shots showing what's going on. In both cases, I cannot resize the columns. I thought it was due to the indexing but either that's still going on (it's been about 6 hours) or those tables have to be recreated. The screenshot with the orange boxes shows you one table that I could resize and one immediately below it that I could not. In the same note. The shot with the green line shows how the resizing line is not lining up with the actual table lines. I can't grab them. Sometimes I can go out of the note and go back in it and the lines move to where they should be so I can resize. Open to suggestions about how to fix this.
  14. I just updated to 6.0.1 and the first thing I noticed was at the bottom of every note, I now have an ad to convert to Premium. I may upgrade at some point, but THAT is NOT the way to get me to do it. Seriously annoyed that I can't turn that off. I "Hide" it but it comes back if I switch to another notebook and then come back. :-(
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