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  1. PLEASE provide an option to remove/hide the Recent Notes list that now appears underneath the Shortcuts list. It's distracting and a hindrance to my workflow. I want to see Shortcuts followed by Notes, and this only clutters up the column. This was a feature request of many in the previous versions of Evernote and you listened and removed it. Please do the same for the new Evernote! UPDATE: I've actually gotten used to using this feature!
  2. So grateful that this sidebar /recent notes issue has been fixed. Thanks for listening!
  3. Totally agree with the suggestion to offer the option to remove Recent Notes! I like to keep things very minimal and this is clutter to me.
  4. Exactly! And I would like to choose whether or not to see recent notes. I think Recent Notes should be in the regular list section, with an option to hide them.
  5. Well, that's too minimal I really like being able to see my shortcuts. So I hope Evernote will consider removing them from the Shortcuts section.
  6. I want to remove the Recent Notes list from my sidebar. I like to keep things very minimal and this is clutter to me. Is it possible to add an option to have it not show up?
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