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  1. I'm having the same issue. Using File -> Quit Evernote doesn't cause the issue, but using X in upper right always displays the "Shared with Me" page.
  2. I seem to remember this as well. It may be a feature that was temporarily removed with EN 10 that will be added back soon. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I'm able to send a work chat message independently from sharing something, I just can't figure out how to reference a note in that message.
  4. A possible solution would be for those that are part of a shared notebook (or just a shared note) to be able to subscribe to notifications when new notes added to the shared notebook or when a shared note is updated. This isn't exactly what I'm looking for as not all new or updated notes need an action on the part of the sharee, and not all aharee's need to take an action, but it's a start.
  5. The problem is the note has already been shared because I shared the entire notebook, so new notes added in that notebook are automatically shared with those that I shared the notebook with. Another scenario is there's a note I shared months/years ago and I possibly recently edited. I can try to share it again, but that doesn't seem right. I'm trying to notify them to look for that specific note in a way they could just click a hyperlink to open it in EN application (Desktop or mobile), not in web. Maybe this is just a missing feature, but it seems very useful. Thanks
  6. That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out how to do. Do I start from the note that I want to reference in a work chat? If so, which option/s? Or do I go to Work Chat in the left menu and start from there? I'm just not understanding which options to pick to get the note referenced (hyperlinked) in a work chat message. Thanks.
  7. I will try the first solution once the homing pigeons I ordered from Amazon arrive. I know that Work Chat is the way to communicate with other EN users, but how do I reference a note I'd like that user to open?
  8. 1. With email (at least GMail), it doesn't convert the app link (e.g. starts with evernote:///) to a hyperlink, so it's really the same issue I have with Work Chat. 2. To password protect in Postachio requires a subscription. I'm really looking for a solution within EN.
  9. I have a notebook that I have shared with someone and that all works fine. However, when I add a new note or update an existing note in that shared notebook, many times I'd like to send a message to someone and reference that particular note with a message like "please take a look at this note xxxxxxxxx". How do I reference that note? I know that when I share a note with someone, they get a reference to the note I shared, but in this case the note is already shared, so I don't think I should 're-share' it. From the Windows desktop version I've tried using the 'Copy internal link' -> 'Copy app link' (Alt-Ctrl-L) option and then pasting it into a Work Chat message, but the message doesn't make the app link clickable (i.e. it's not a hyperlink). Using the 'Copy internal link' -> 'Copy web link' option in a Work Chat message does automatically display a hyperlink for the message receiver, but that obviously links to Evernote Web and I'd rather the message receiver be able to stay within the application. It seems like there should be an option in the note to send someone a message referring to the note, but I don't see it. I can't be the only one that has this use case of wanting to let someone know there is a shared note that I'd like them to look at or take action on. How are others doing this? Thanks.
  10. In the Share note dialog I would like an additional text field where I could optionally add a message to be sent to the recipients that could include a note about why I shared the note with them. For example: "Here's the note I'd like you to look at" or "Please update this note with your feedback". I know that after the note is shared, I can go to the Work Chat and send the recipients that I shared the note with, a message, but that's a second step. It also seems better for the recipients to just get the one email with my message/note along with the share information instead of first getting the share email and then a second follow-up email explaining why I shared it.
  11. Recurring Reminders is a highly desirable feature. I use the iOS Reminders app with recurrence, but it would be very helpful to have in Evernote.
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