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  1. Part of my point is that we shouldn't have to wait to see. If you (a company with a very mature product and a large user base) are going to release a complete rewrite that doesn't contain all of the functionality of the product it is replacing, the responsible, correct way to do it is with lots and lots of communication up front. You don't leave your users wondering "where did my critical feature go?" and "when, if ever, will it come back?". You don't leave them wondering if the legacy app is going to live on or suddenly disappear. You don't leave them wondering if they are going to have to completely change the way they have done things for the last 5 years, 10 years, or even longer. Even if your policy on the past had been to not talk about future plans, you put that aside, because this is a critical juncture in your product's history, and you need to recognize that business as usual isn't going to work. You have to give your customers the information they need to make intelligent, reasoned decisions. Doing it any other way is irresponsible and shows a tremendous disregard for your customers.
  2. That's my plan for now as well. But I'm pretty sure they said there won't be any feature development in the legacy version (kind of implicit in "legacy"), and I think I saw something that said there won't be any support. I could be wrong on the second point (and hope I am!)
  3. Reading all of the posts here and in the EN reddit over the last few days, I've had a sinking feeling in my chest. I was so excited that the folks at Evernote were going to a single code base! As a developer, I understand this. It would make bug fixing and adding features so much easier! All of the platforms would finally have the best of all worlds! Instead, what we've gotten is, well, what we've gotten. I'm very disappointed, both as a user and as a developer. I've been working on a similar project for the last two or three years - porting a Flash-based application to Typescript and HTML. This was not optional; at the end of this year, browsers will stop supporting Flash, and my company's customers' business-critical applications need to continue working. Dozens, if not hundreds of enterprise customers, and tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue, are on the line. We started releasing the port a year or more ago, while still supporting the Flash version. With every release, we included a clear list of what worked and what didn't, with as complete a road map as we could of when the incomplete features would be complete. We made a few usability changes along the way, and dropped only one feature that I can think of. Before deciding to drop that feature, we polled account managers to see if it would be a problem, and were told it would not be. Even with that dropped feature, we are working to implement the spirit of it in another way. Customers received the feature complete version a month or two ago, and even the ones who were slow to adopt it are now waking up and realizing they need to. Bug reports are rolling in, and we are prioritizing them over everything else, putting out patches every couple of weeks. In addition to the bug fixing, we are communicating all of this to the customers. They know what we're doing, and they know that when Flash shuts down, they will have the best replacement possible for the product they have built into their business processes. They are thrilled with us. Universally. This is how you replace the code base beneath a product.
  4. I poked at this a little more, and it looks like it's this link specifically. It's a link to a Google Form I've created to help me track my daily activity. Check out this screenshot of the note it's in: I threw in the link to www.google.com just to try things out, and also put in the link to the form outside of the table, in case there was something funny about tables that was coming into play. What I found is that I get the error clicking on the form link in either place, but I can successfully click the www.google.com link. Notice the icon next to the form link - I think that means it's seeing the form as an attachment and doing something different to download it. That may be the problem. I 'm going to send in have sent in a support ticket and see what they say. @gazumped thanks for your note - 30 years in software development/debugging, and I still wouldn't have thought to try a non-form link if you hadn't posted it. /sigh
  5. If I have a URL link in a note, and I click (tap) it to try to open it in a browser, I get the following in a toast popup: Unable to access document. Please make sure you are connected to the internet. I am absolutely connected to the internet, and the link is valid - I can click it from the Windows and Web Evernote clients. Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas what's going on? I'm on Evernote version 8.12.4, on a Galaxy S9 running Android 9.
  6. TIL that Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+9 open the shortcut notes. Thank you!
  7. I've got the same problem. Tables are just plain useful, and I've got lots of notes that use them to hold lists of information. When I'm in my kitchen updating my grocery list, or at the doctor's office browsing the web while I want for an appointment and see something I want to tack onto the end of a list, I'm not at my desk: I'm on my phone or my tablet. So I want to add a row to a table right there, right now. I was very excited when table became useful in EN, and IIRC, around the same time, there was talk of "one common editor" for all platforms. That would certainly help here. /sigh
  8. True, although the Shift thing isn't very discoverable - I've been using Evernote for 11 years and I am only just now learning about it. Having the options on the right-click menu would be nice. And then, once they're their, having them available and in the right-click menu in Tags view would be an obvious, usable, extension of that.
  9. That's a decent workaround, but it's still a workaround. It'd still be better if the application offered "expand/collapse children" at each level, and "expand/collapse all" at the top - that's a pretty standard thing for tree/hierarchical UI's.
  10. The problem with this workaround is that it requires using the mouse. If you're a user who prefers the keyboard, this interrupts your flow.
  11. Like the title says - sometimes when I try to use the Web Clipper to capture a message in GMail in Chrome, it just doesn't start up. No message, no error, nothing. It doesn't matter whether I'm using the keyboard shortcut or clicking the icon in the Chrome toolbar. When I go to the Extension and click "background page" in "Inspect views", it opens the Chrome debugger (nice!). Hitting the shortcut key gives me this: I've seen this for a while, so I don't think it's version specific, but just in case: Chrome Version: Version 74.0.3729.131 (Official Build) (64-bit) Web Clipper Version: Version: Anyone else having this problem? (I've just submitted this to EN Help as well as posting here, so I'll let y'all know what I hear)
  12. @jefito You make good points all around. Sounds like we're in similar places - our customers have very hard problems to solve, and they want something that gets the job done. For years, our software was incredibly utilitarian, and was used by only the most technical users at the customer sites. More recently, our customers have had more of a need for the less techie people to be able to use our stuff. Functional, Fast, and Cheap are still hyper-critical for the runtime software, but we've had to bring in Friendly and Usable on the UI side. That's been a huge bonus for me, because even though I do have a background in comp sci, the really hairy computational stuff doesn't really float my boat - UI is where it's at!
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