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  1. Evernote (307671) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483) on Windows 10 crashes a lot. Everytime I open it that crashes once and sends a report. Then it opens. I thought that would get fixed in 6.15 as this was a problem introduced in 6.14 GA. But based on the release you have not added any stability updates. Is that being fixed?
  2. @scruggles 3 months. How much are you looking?
  3. I should write a script that comes here and posts an update by itself that Evernote is never going to fix anything.
  4. And you ignored the part about making it clear that this is title only search. It is a big difference.
  5. Evernote team needs to make the part about only searching the titles clear in the release notes. Currently, it is very fuzzy and most people won't think this is title-only. When I saw google drive integration I thought this is great. But then I was told this is title only search.
  6. I never knew how wonderful this feature could be till I used this feature in JIRA and discourse. Now I think why are others still using file uploaders
  7. Evernote for Windows is better but as I have to spend most of time on linux I don't have a choice to use the web version
  8. I had tried that on an account. Seriously they should allow that as long as they don't make the new interface properly functional. @scruggles something to consider.
  9. I won't change my browser just for clipping. I'll wait.
  10. @gazumped 'using local storage for future syncing' is kinda a big benefit of web applications which are built considering bad internet connections. Bad internet connections are a reality. And good products think about these cases. A good example is google drive. I can edit and access all my documents offline. The developers at evernote should google for Progressive Web Applications. @gazumped No it is not functioning perfectly well. I have had this problem and you know how it feels trying to delete 25 odd copies in the web version of evernote looking at which of these actually have the stuff that I really want. Deleting all of them when I cannot delete multiple notes at once? It is very much in Evernote's hands if they actually want to do it. This is technically feasible and is not rocket science. I have reported this to evernote via their twitter account but did not get anything. I have also stopped writing things directly in evernote web because it is not reliable. @scruggles Would you like to add something to this discussion?
  11. It has been over a month and still no solution for a data loss issue which Evernote's team was able to reproduce. @scruggles would you like to add something?
  12. @scruggles Shouldn't these release notes be part of Featured Topics and Product Updates at this discussion forum's home page? Also shouldn't this be pinned rather than the old release notes in this forum?
  13. I hope you upvoted the thread. It would help if people actually upvote this.
  14. I also ran into this and thought why can I not search. Wouldn't search inside the document be much more useful?
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