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  1. Me again: Anything new about a user setting to switch Home off? Edit: If someone want this too, please upvote this thread in the top left corner and fill a bug report:
  2. it would be nice if the preview picture in listview is the first picture in the note. When you have notes with 3 pics it is a random pic (some say it is the biggest).
  3. Stay on Evernote v8 for Android Search for a comparison Evernote vs. Joplin. Other users have threads where they list supplements for Evernote. And Joplin ranks high, but you must check if it fits your needs. https://joplin.cozic.net/ Free, Open software (the only 100% sure thing is we will all die)
  4. That is a nice stepp forward! The legacy versions found still more stuff You searched for Worter and it found Wörter. And characters with accents where found when you searched for the basic character e.g. e -> ë
  5. Todo for v10.11 option to switch home off!!
  6. I just sideloaded the apk The link is in this post: In the same thread you can also instructions how to do it.
  7. Yea, the same for me. The last five years when s.b. mentioned a note app I raised my voice and recommended Evernote. Now with v10 it is: Use what you like, but stay away from Evernote. Slow like a turtle, old workflow busted. "Improvements" are making things worse.
  8. No iOS version is still f*** up - links are opened as preview not in the browser - PDFs open as preview, not in the standard app - slow as hell - forgets the position in the last opened note - home - iOS search doesn't find notes when I type a note title - EN search show way less when you are typing
  9. Do mean one of these? Or is there another? (Everyone who agrees: You upvote with the error left to the topic) Two threads for "no Home view at startup" and
  10. haven't read everything, it would help a lot if it is THE FIRST PICTURE I ADDED. But using the biggest picture is such a brainfart m(
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