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  1. Thank you for mentioning this! The old one with a big gren crossed box is soo much better than the f**** strike through rubbish
  2. When you change with your notes to another program, even when everything is converted, you want to use the old program as an ARCHIVE. You want that program WORKING for several years. And you use it only as read only. So I understand when the archive isn't working people can get upset.
  3. Workaround: I have "All Notes" list sorted by newest edited first: 1. Do your search 2. Pick the note and add somewhere a blank 3. Close the note, it will appear at the top of all notes. 4. open it make a screenshot
  4. your EN DB is not mine. I am happy that you have a working offline search, but posting pictures makes mine not work. Alvin C has the same problems as I am. I find more notes with the old Android version offline than with v10 iOS online. Search is completely nuts on iOS and I wait for a new version with a fix for a month. When I take a note, 8 out of 10 I add sth. to an already existing note. That means I had to use the search. I know the note is there and I know the search term for it, but the iOS version can't find it. That is garbage. I bought an iPad half a year ago to use it as n
  5. To stay with the car comparison: I turn the key for search and it doesn't start. It simply does nothing. Sounds like the definition for defect to me. With enough patient I can find the note I want manually. The App says my Receipt notebook is completely on the iPad and it finds nothing. When offline and I enter one " in the search field EN crashes. When I enter tag: I get a crash. And even online, v10 doesn't find my notes with the same keywords I am used to. Deleted and downloaded my stuff twice and I'd rather wait for a new version.
  6. That means in the end: EN v10.2 can't search when offline. I have a notebook with 4 entries and only the first was downloaded. Already deleted the App twice. And Alvin C. Posted one replay from the support: Considering m(
  7. Whaaat? Can you please write this in the iOS section of the forum?
  8. V10 is not able to search if the iOS device is offline! when online you get suggestions while typing. for "iPad" I get 2 suggestions . 😞 On the old version I get all 19 note as suggestion. search is case sensitive. Remove this Please get your ***** done.
  9. In EN search the search for tags is sensitive for capital letters in iOS v10.2 EN doesn't find the tag Evernote when writen lowercase Make it insensitive like the old version. E.g. I fond out why my saved search for the tag iPad doesn't work anymore. Because I saved it way back with tag:ipad Not using capital P Haven't reported the bug and won't do it. I am busy checking my saved searches. Sorry, I am pissed
  10. Does PrimoPDF work if you block Opencandy with the firewall? Wikipedia says Opencandy is spyware. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/PrimoPDF
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