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  1. I use EN for everything and like/depend on it a lot. However, when using search I have 2 issues: 1. When EN paunches on my pc it comes up with an old search in the search box 2. whenever I click the "x" to clear the field, I have to place the cursor in the field to do my next search. The cursor should just BE THERE after clearing it out. This is a small thing but incredibly annoying and slows don my use of EN. PLEASE PUT THE CURSOR IN THE SEARCH FIELD AFTER CLEARING IT OUT. Thanks for listening, Richard
  2. Sorry, what does that mean? Also, If you use local encryption for EN local data, how does EN get to it? Thanks - Richard
  3. I have questions about encryption at several levels, have searched the forums, and not found a clear answer (or missed it), so please forgive me if this has been asked and answered elsewhere. Are the databases encrypted on the server, such that if the site was hacked, my information is still protected? Are local copies encrypted in any way such that if I were hacked, my information is still protected? I have local client 10.4.4 Is it possible to encrypt just notebooks? Is it possible to encrypt a note other than selecting all the text and doing so? Hope I don't raise a ruckus here, but I'm still not clear on all this. Thanks - Richard
  4. That's what I am finally beginning to understand. Sheesh, took a while. Thanks again! Richard
  5. Seems the easiest most straightforward I guess. I'll bite the online bullet and wait until I am online. Thanks!
  6. Ahhh. Thank you, I found it. So here's my plan: BEFORE going online: Since I'm using latest version of EN, Backup this folder from the old pc. Install v10 on new PC Backup this same folder on new PC just in case... Shut down EN on new pc Restore same folder from old pc onto new pc Restart EN on new PC Everything should be the same. Does this sound right? OR could I just wait until I'm online, install v10, log into it, and then expect ir will sync with online database? So many possibilities...
  7. So, how can I force EN to create that database for offline work? Thanks again...
  8. I do have a local .exb file, but it's a month old. Must be left over from when I upgraded to v10. So, I should install v10 , log into it, and it will connect to my online data? I'm still confused about how/where v10 saves that data locally so I can use it if offline and could potentially back it up...
  9. Is the v10 database compatible with the legacy version? Many thanks, Richard
  10. Oops, I AM using v10. What should I do instead? Thanks - Richard
  11. Sorry, I didn't realize this forum was so actively used. Most other software companies' aren't. This place rocks!
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