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  1. Hello, As of today, the IOS app crashes upon launching, i've tried everything to help fix the issue. After deleting the app, I went to redownload the beta but it NO LONGER SHOWS! I was shocked to see that it was gone. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendation?
  2. I know right? I actually am holding out for what the new EVERNOTE looks like and see. I do feel though this CEO is a lot more responsive and in tune with customers than previous teams. I felt like in the past there was such a disconnect with the users and what EVERNOTE was doing as a business. This team seems to really have a change in focus.
  3. This is been honestly, my biggest frustration with using the iOS version of Evernote. It is so difficult to you’ll have the default font size be so small. I am either adjusting the font every time or not even using the app. It’s such a surprise to me that this hasn’t been resolved in the past as I always felt like I was the only one that had difficulty trying to read. And I have 20/20 vision.
  4. This is been true for sometime and I appreciate you spending time to articulate it. I thought it was just me! It’s not just frustrating for taking notes but I also noticed the same issue when working with reading PDFs. When I switch the app or jump around, it’s like the app has to restart every time And you have to start over where you left off which can be honestly be frustrating when you’re trying to be productive and have a sense of flow.
  5. I like the facelift, perhaps you could expand on that? What kind of changes are you looking for? Also, maybe posting something in feature request would get some traction and more people
  6. Hello fellow Evernoter’s. I’m in need of some help. Would anyone know of a way to program the new IOS 12 shortcut app to better format or take a note into “read” mode? I’m looking to have better visibility of my Evernote’s. The small font and text style can be challenging for me to enjoy reading Evernotes. If there is a way or workaround for reading mode that would help me a ton.
  7. Thank you! Yeah spaces has a cool UI and feel it would be beneficial for both personal and business use. That cool your in Realestate, I have many friends that are in that space. Also, have many friends in marketing, more so in the personal development space. Where are you located? Check out the new templates in the latest updates, they have a bunch of cool templates for planning.
  8. Thanks for the mention and I appreciate you reading!
  9. Yes, you have listed something i’ve been saying for 2-33 years. The IOS editor is sore on the eyes and miserable to edit. Yeah you should have to learn how to do scripts and work arounds. The application should be a simple and straightforward editor that allows flexibility and good formatting. Good to see I’m not the only one. May I suggest, posting another thread outlining what you’d like in the “feature request” section of the forums?
  10. Hello. Yes, i’ve Tried a variety of apps to possibly fill that gap but each one has drawbacks. I hope the best for Evernote but they’ve ignored users requests for years so empathy can only go so far. I totally agree with the Bear perspective. They have a really cool UI but no nested folder system is a big draw back
  11. With the most recent backlash online over Evernote’s Death spiral I wanted to post about how Evernote is loosing their innovative edge and how long awaited features have gone long ignored. For me it’s all about the UI when writing and reading notes. With the Evernote refresh I felt deflated with all the “apparent” changes. We’ve all been waiting for new features and new look and what we get is new typography and mission statement.Is this where they’ve been focusing all their time??? I’ve always said there has been a huge disconnect with the loyal user base and people work work/represent Evernote. People have been in anticipation for a refreshed Evernote app and UI, editor and a better way to compile notes. But instead, Evernote focused on the color and design of the green elephant. #disconndect #fail #outoftouch Rant over. Now I’d like to share some of my features that will be a REAL Evernote REFRESH. 1- New & Improved Editor User interface UI (look & feel) - a while back Evernote made noticeable changes to the iOS design, it was LARGLEY overshadowed by bugs and price changes. I will say I have really enjoyed the design and layout from day one. However, there have been so much MISSING from the editor and font options. People desire to have their notes pop, stand out, look visually appealing but on the iOS versions of the software it’s mindumbing to format and write. The look and feel of writing notes is small, basic and not what you’d expect in 2018. Bear, OneNote & Scriver all have the best formatting and visual appeal. I love all the options at my fingertips like tagging, more options & reminders but there’s times I need a clutter free writing space. Being able to toggle on and off the options would really be a useful feature. 2- Better Typography, Font selection and More Formatting options - It’s a nightmare to create content in the iOS app. Visually the fonts are small and obscured by the fact that you have no options of font size or type. Notes look bland and inconspicuous. 3- Summary of Key Feature Requests - Distraction free writing (Bear does this amazing) have a toggle buttons to have the screen full and the editor tools minimal is really what is needed to create great content. To much clutter really gets in the way at times from being in a zen like state of FLOW. More editor options - Heading (1,2,3 etc) options, line break, note linking and perhaps other tools. Having more options in a slide toolbar (like Dropbox paper, Bear) adds the features while saving on space is what i feel may be missing. Evernote really did a good job with the update a few years ago but since then its gone stagnate. Adding a few more tools would really make writing pleasureable and functional. Reading mode (presentation mode) having ability to read content with beautiful typography and visual appealing full screen experience is what’s really missing from Evernote’s feature set. If there was a way to have a reading mode that would make reviewing content more enjoyable. Trying to go back and read my own notes or team members notes is tedious not so fun. Multiple Font options (especially th new font that’s on Evernote’s page). It’s a pain to have NO options for font types. How can people make visuallly appealing content and unique notes in an outdated workspace? How can you take great notes when your confined to one type of font? Being able to have many fonts would make creating Evernotes more enjoyable Ability to Increase font size and line spacing (in settings). Being able to customize your writing experience according to what a writer likes is very important and feel Evernote has always overlooked this feature time and again.
  12. For me it’s about not being in Microsoft ecosystem I really dislike their business model and applicstions. So I might be biased. Evernote overall has this feel and integration that makes it stand out not just from one note but many note application. I like the tight integration not just with other apps but also Apple. The clipper is more prominent, simplistic ui compared to onenote. Overall it’s about preference, they have identical feature set and both heavy hitters but playing video “/audio, scanning feature and integration stand out for me as Evernote clear winner
  13. I don’t get notion or the appeal of it. Complicated. Evernote is by far the best still for my uses.
  14. Try in web clipper switching the type to simple article. If your having issues still simplifying formatting And doing some cleaning up will do the job. Most note taking apps don’t do a good job of clipping. Evernote from my experience is the best but nothing is perfect either
  15. Just change password, use two way authentication feature and if you have sensitive information start encryption with Evernote feature or saferoom app
  16. After reading headlines, of Evernote’s recent woes, I started to shake my head ... again. This isn’t the first time reading controversy headlines about Evernote. In the past few years there been more negative press than positive. Rising membership prices, privacy concerns, downsizing and now the Death spiral (higher ups leaving). It doesn’t appear to look good for Evernote but for all we know it could just be fine. In a moment I’m going to share my insights and how Evernote can make a “shift” in a better direction. But before I do, it’s without suggesting that a lot of people have a grim outlook (within and external of this community) despite recent changes at Evernote. Avid and passionate users such as myself have a ill feeling for what may happen to our beloved green elephant. Maybe it’s the note industry, maybe it’s just the people running Evernote, maybe it’s just there’s too much competition that only the innovative ones stay profitable. I don’t think Evernote in a dire situation but I feel this is a pattern that keep repeating itself. In yoga there’s this saying, “you repeat what you don’t repair.” At this point it seems, whether or not Evernote is doing fine or steering for the worse, I feel they are loosing the confidence of the passionate loyal user base. And I feel it’s becuase Evernote may be making the same mistakes again and again. But, here are some of my insights and suggestions as to what is missing. Evernote has focused on team development, then focused on eliminating the noise and getting clarity on core functionality, then focused on focused on business enterprise with spaces, then focused on social media, then not to recently Evernote then did a rebrand /refresh. But at what point do they realize they must get back to their user base??? The loyal user base the ones who just take notes. The student, the small business owner, the creative, the busy mom and anyone who wants to “remember everythig.” Improving note taking experience seems to be the most important yet forgotten “ingredient” Evernote has fallen out of touch with. Being in sales all of my life there are acouple fundimental flaws Evernote is repeatedly missing each year. 1- People buy the benefit of the benefit. Example is spaces people don’t use Spaces to use the “what’s new” feature or even to keep on top of their teams correspondence. The benefit of the benefit might be as a business owner “I don’t want to have the stress of things falling through and having team forget things” 2- in the sale conversation I ALWAYS listen more than I talk. The more you tell the less you sell. Listening to your customer, they tell you what they want, what they don’t want, etc. And this type of dialing builds a deep level of trust because when a person feels heard and understood they will buy from you and only you, even though you charge more than your competitors. I feel Evernote higher ups have ignored the day to day user and overall user experience. There’s times when working on a project or in a sales process or trying to research and write and using Evernote is frustrating to navigate and use. Something as simple as a small font can really make work more difficult than it has to be. Or not being able to annotate PDFs with freedom or flexibility. Have you tried jumping in and out of annotating PDFs in Evernote? It’s miserable. When you look at the note taking applications that people are moving to they are typically note taking apps that look better. Have a better UI and text editor. Most notably Bear comes to mind. Having attracted many people from Evernote I feel it’s as though it’s because of the look and feel of the editor. Distraction free writing, more font options (sizes, font types and even spacing), more formatting choices (H1, H2, etc) and many useful editor tools. Evernote has many features and useful functions that Bear doesn’t have. So it makes me wonder, why have people made the transition? I think it’s because of the look and feel when people are taking notes. You want to be able to get lost in writing not squinting to see what you wrote. You want to be able to have attractive typography that you can structure and organize your notes with easy. You want to be in the state of “flow” when your researching and taking notes. Lastly, what I will also say about features is that in order to charge more you must offer MORE value. Over the course of the years I’ve noticed that Evernote focused on stability and improving core features like search. And that’s very important. However, people don’t buy stability necessarily, it just pushes them away when things are unstable. Introducing new features and upgraded features is what attracts new users and keeps fan base excited using a platform that they keep EVERYTHING IN.
  17. Thanks for the shout out! What is weird / frustrating is how these other apps (Asana, Dropbox Paper) have had these features for years. Evernote if they ever come around to having these feature will be behind. And in a even more crowded space where you have new note taking applications coming to market, is worrisome to consider Evernote just isn't keeping up with the times.
  18. Interesting viewpoint and I agree. Evernote has this weird dichotomy that keeps the loyal user base shackled to their platform. There more and more competition but for some reason I stay ???
  19. Great obeservation. For me I just hate anything Microsof. Past experiences using their products I’ve just have a destaIn using nothing Microsoft. Evernote is a handy app and fits my workflow a lot better.
  20. It depends on what you want to export to I guess. I think at least for Mac there’s a few options / work arounds. It’s sad but I can understand the frustrations. I’m too invested and dependent on Evernote.
  21. Please if you get a chance take a look at my thoughts / feedback:
  22. Yes! But there’s a lot of planning work you have to do to make it successful. I just copy a workout and then use tables. I keep on note for the workout.
  23. It all depends what’s the context I would suppose. What I suggest and whay has worked for me, is using notebooks to group a related topic. And then use Tags to group related items. Tags are best because they can span to many notes & notebooks without being limited. They are also the fastest way opposed to other methods. Keep it simple and effective, consider using the tags feature.
  24. What why??? Theres things Evernote doesn't do well but its still a my Favorite notes app. The most powerful way to express is to first, comment and create a discussion thread stating your point of view. Consider also sending the Evernote team suggestions. Lastly, just ditch the platform for something new. The best way to "vote" is to take your business somewhere else.
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