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  1. Six years later, EN is going out of business. This issue is irrelevant now as the focus is on migrating info out of EN.
  2. EN is definitely on its death bed. And deservedly so... - Did not listen to customers who requested basic features, did not like the big makeover, and want consistency across apps. Heck, lots of customers left when they abandoned their hierarchical organization and forced tags down everyone's throats. Classic case of a company that does not listen to customers. - They could not innovate their way out of the commoditization trap. When they started, OneNote didn't even exist. Today there are innumerable competitors and even free OS tools (e.g., Apple Notes) satisfy the low end of the market. - Cannot differentiate its business and personal products. - Was apparently not a very nice place to work, according to GlassDoor, which leads me to believe the company was extremely poorly managed. If you can't keep employees happy with a gush of investor dollars pouring in, you are incompetent. EN was interested in...what, 2009? They've been on a decline since. I mean, the CTO, CFO, CPO, and head of HR ALL LEFT IN THE LAST MONTH. You think they just didn't like the break room coffee? Or you think maybe they know something?
  3. Peeking behind the curtain at what goes on inside Evernote makes me suspect the long-languishing iOS product is not going to be improved any time soon... http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Employee-Review-Evernote-RVW7866361.htm
  4. Is there any hope of getting the ability to change font/test sizes/colors on iOS? There were people in 2012 pointing out that this feature was lacking and here we are in 2015 and we still don't have it. This is a pretty core need and it really surprises me that EN does not support it, given that it is supported on web and desktop.
  5. If I sent an email to my evernote from Gmail, it works great. Picks up the notebook and tags in the subject line, etc. However, if I do something like this at the command line in linux, it never shows up: echo 'here is some test note content' | mailx -s 'this is a test note @somenotebook #some-tag' my.evernote.id@evernote.comThe same email if sent to any of the non-Evernote emails I have works fine. But they never show up in Evernote. I'm completely perplexed. Is there some anti-spam on the EN servers that is filtering things? It's not just delayed - I've waited yours. Meanwhile, sent-from-Gmail shows up immediately. Yes, the notebook and tag referred to both exist. I'm hoping to have some daily reports generated on this home server mailed to EN for storage, but they never arrive. Am I missing something?
  6. Sorry, but the web beta is way off base. I love the old web version. The new version has several significant faults: 1. It is simply designed to be pretty rather than efficient. There's a TON of wasteful white space. It is not the compact, efficient EN desktop I'm used to and it is slower to work in. This is what a TON of comments on the EN blog article announcing the web beta say. I do not want more white space on my screen. 2. It's slower. Why should I need multiple clicks to get to my notebooks, tags, etc? Previously everything was visible. 3. It makes it hard to understand my EN. In the old EN, I could see all my notebooks and tags at once glance, which provided a single-view look of how I organize EN - which is vital because everyone uses your product differently. Now I have to look in notebooks, look in tags, etc. - it means forcing me to keep things in short-term memory which is the cardinal sin in UI design. Are you aiming for Windows 8 here? 4. There is no list view, or way to see a group of notes all at once. How would I select, say, 100 notes to add a tag to them? 5. No heirarchy o tags. Seriously? 6. No saved searches? I've all but stopped using the desktop client because the web version was so good. If the web beta was to become permanent, I would move to OneNote because their web version is very similar to desktop, not a toddler version. If you want to have a simpler version for new users, fine, but you need to retain the full version for more mature users. Given my experience with giving EN feedback and their reactions to customer input, I imagine this feedback will sadly be ignored.
  7. When I clip a whole page with the Chrome extension, it looks beautiful - exactly as I see it. When I clip a whole page with the Firefox plugin, it looks CSS-less - quite ugly. The page? One on evernote.com ;-) Specifically, the "Mobile" tab on : http://www.evernote.com/about/integration/
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