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  1. You said that moderators should start moving in... that's a scary -my view. You can disagree, say your opinions and users with enough intelligence will see it as such, opinions. Others unfortunately, won't. But overall there's no need for Moderators to do the 'thinking' for them.
  2. The font is really small when you’re using iOS versions of Evernote. It’s not much as an issue with laptops. It’s been an old problem. I think for people who was into evernote more than ten years now, like myself -more than 20k notes- it’s still a problem. I manage and offer it up as mortification. But I worry that you’d not get more new subscribers if they don’t do anything at all with the issue. DefaultText size is fundamental, and I am NOT referring to the capability to CHANGE font or something, its there, we can see it... Default text size is essential for any on-the-go note taking app.
  3. I have to revert back to old Evernote version, at least on my laptop. Every major Evernote update is, at best, half-baked. That’s true with the iOS versions. We were told that it came out first because it’s “prepared” (Small 2020). Well it’s not; it’s incredibly slow, unless your computer or unit is incredibly fast which mine is not, unless the purpose of the update is to cater only to a small —albeit “higher”/favored— segment of their user’s population.
  4. Use the share button, or copy the link and paste it on evernote. You can share them as a group of notes, arranged according to types, tags and so on. It’s really quick and when you use that link inside evernote you get a page that’s looking better than your standard evernote interface. BTW I am a ten year EN user with almost 20k notes and a one-day Notion user... you see where I’m coming from
  5. I have 16k plus. I had gotten used to the lag, if there is, if there is any.
  6. The public beta is just a few days old they’re still far from the deadline (a week before the final launching mid-September ) for finishing their homework
  7. I think app designers perhaps had in mind touchscreen typers/writers on the iPad so the default font size was quite small and it was fitting for that. If one uses then a wireless keyboard though (which many are starting to use) my eyes are farther from the screen... even if I have my reading glasses with me, it is not that easy to read. Good contrast, brightness, AND bigger fonts are important if one wants to avoid eye strain. So I think, a bigger font is needed. I tried Bear app, migrated all my notes (16000 of them!) And with all the tags included (not the notebooks which I don’t mind) it works! It is a lot better even, with adjustable fonts... As of now, the Bear app is my alternative. If no change happens on this (sounds like a threat, haha sorry), I will definitely migrate.
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