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  1. Hey, is there any way to schedule automatic backup of notes and notebooks? I am using Evernote in offline mode so I am only saving locally. I was looking at backupery but not sure if it is trusted or not. So, is there any way to schedule automatic backup OR manual is the only way?
  2. Thanks as always for the reply. However, supposedly something happens (I don't want them to close evernote), how can we view our notebooks and notes? I mean those are stored in Evernote's format right? So, how do we access and see our notes and notebooks? Any other application to open the files?
  3. Hey, been seeing a lot of this Evernote death spiral in youtube and in some other sites on the internet? Is Evernote really dying and on the verge of shutting down? I see almost everyone is saying EverNote is at the end of its life cycle. And how come the CTO, CFO, CPO, and HR left almost together? What is happening? Anyone knows what is really going on? Should we start taking backup of our notes? Regards.
  4. Should I post it in the help section so that a mod or support specialist would see and answer?
  5. It can't built database from server because I have turned sync OFF. I am using EN completely offline. So, in that regards, I should backup all the .exb files and then if I want to import, I just go to File -> Import -> Then point to the .exb files?
  6. Hey, are these the local files of EverNote? And I should always backup the Database folder, right? And suppose I format the PC, I want to import the notes from those files so I checked the import option in EverNote and it asks me to point to .enex files but I only see .exb files there? Can anyone please clear this for me?
  7. Thanks a lot. That is a good way to keep things private and secure. :)
  8. I got confused on that haha But let me see if I got this correctly: You have a spreadsheet with passwords which is inside the VeraCrypt and the VeraCrypt is backed into Dropbox? If yes, then how do you manage anything while you are on the move? And if I got this wrong, please explain step by step as I would like to do that way too coz I feel strong security with that way.
  9. Correct. So if you ever want to add anything to the PDF, you just open the PDF after putting pass and then add and then close? I have no problem in doing that but it can be a bit tough when I am on the move. Like I have to copy the PDF pass to clipboard and then put it and add the content that I want and then close. And Evernote's text encryption is not that good. If you put automatic numbers like 1, 2, 3 for writing step by step of anything OR even bullet points, it won't let you encrypt.
  10. Do you always with the PDF encryption and then uploading to Evernote?
  11. Correct. I like evernote's smoothness more than any other note-taking app.
  12. Yes mate, like I said in most of my threads and post, I like Evernote more than OneNote but I have not got that peace of mind in terms of privacy, hence this is the only way to use for private purposes. And I do plan to backup every day to a dedicated cloud storage by password protecting the evernote files using 7-zip. That way I will get peace of mind. It will easily do the job, right? Because of the peace of mind that I don't have as Evernote employees can take a look at our notes despite Evernote changing privacy policy after they openly said employees can look at the notes which led people getting furious. I even plan to get premium but I will still use this way. Peace of mind is the MAIN thing, right? Hey mate, I unchecked the following options as you can see in the screenshot. Do I need to do anything else to completely prevent cloud sync?
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