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  1. Having indentation and bulleting work correctly doesn’t seem like much to ask from a note taking app. If I want to write a book, or an essay I’ll use a word processor. If I just want to jot down notes from a meeting or lecture I should be able to use a bulleted list with simple indentation.
  2. I'm experiencing the same issue. Any bulleted list created on the iPad, is broken when I open the note on Chrome.
  3. Evernote allows you to record a meeting that you're in and take notes. But it doesn't sync the audio with the notes. So if I'm in a 2 hour meeting, and later realise that I was unclear about a certain point, I need to struggle through 2 hours of audio to listen to a 10 minutes section. Can Evernote make an update to the product to sync the text with the audio? Many note taking products do this, Notability being just one of them. If I need the section of audio, I just select the text that I was typing when that part of the conversation happened. This would allow me to rid myself o
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