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  1. Thank you Matt, I did as well... Every iOS update this gets worse for me I have a similar workaround. I started a Notion account, but have such an archive in EverNote I haven't fully committed to the transition.
  2. We're in this together! Reading these has made me also feel like I'm not crazy and alone lol . Hopefully the EN team can come up with a fix so I can once again authentically call it a productivity app.
  3. Is there a way for free users to submit this as well?
  4. Dean - glad to head I’m not the only one with this issue. Gazumped - I mean no offense, You are being helpful with the best you can. It’s really a performance issue with Evernote on iPhone. Ive since deleted and reinstalled the app, restarted device, updated the the newest OS, toggled push notifications, toggled background app refresh, and all with no result.
  5. I'm sorry, but these workarounds don't quite do it. I was previously a premium user, but am now on the free plan. I see the ability to contact email support has been dropped. This bug gets in the way of its core purpose (to take notes) and not only can I not find a solution, but I can't tell the official team about it. I have even been considering looking for a new replacement tool. iPhone does not have a split screen function, although this would be very helpful for iPad. I currently have 1200+ notes on my account and I read 3-4 books a month with fairly extensive notes. Unfortunately, this would be far too cumbersome for me, particularly when jotting down direct quotes.
  6. I’ve been using Evernote to take notes between listening to audiobooks, and have gotten to a serious point of frustration.90% of the time I go back to Evernote to jot down a note it refreshes and I go back up to the top of my note. I then have to scroll down to where I left off (sometimes quite significantly) to continue typing. Sometimes It's so distracting I even forget what I’m typing and have to go back. Which loops the issue again.I’ve deactivated background app refresh, and still the same issue persists. I understand Apple is only partly responsible for this, but it’s far more frequent in Evernote then any other app I use. I’m using an iPhone7+ iOS (12.0.1) What can be done to stop this refresh issue?
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