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  1. Hi all, We continue to fix bugs and top crashers. This version also re-adds 3D Touch Peek and Pop actions on note lists as well as some additional improvements. New: Peek into notes from the note list using 3D Touch Press on a note to Peek into a note without marking it as recently viewed Swipe up to expose more options: Set Reminders / Clear Reminders / Mark Reminders as complete Add to / Remove from Shortcuts Share (this opens the share sheet) Press a little harder to Pop into the note edito
  2. Hi all, Thank you for your continued feedback. We released v8.0.4 this morning with performance improvements, fixes for top crashing issues, and a fix for some notes not loading in the note editor. What's fixed in 8.0.4: Performance improvements with note loading Some notes that would appear as blank will now load Crash on launch observed by some users - due to issues with some saved searches Crash when viewing a PDF on iPad and rotating the device - we have an updated PDF viewer that fixes this issue Crash when submitting a support ticket You can do
  3. Notes blank when viewing on iphone. Just says "start writing." Worried I'll accidentally tap the blank page and lose the note.

    Evernote keeps asking for itunes password.

    Is the ios version for serious users anymore?

  4. We have a fix for this in 8.0.4, which is currently in final testing. Thanks, Chuck
  5. Hi all, Thank you for your continued feedback. We released v8.0.3 a short time ago to address several top issues including the crash on launch issue that many users were facing after updating from v7.x. After v8.0.2 was released, we realized that the app was crashing before the crash data was getting to us - so while we fixed our top known crasher, we unfortunately hadn't fixed the crash on launch that was affecting many users in the Evernote Community. After getting some crash logs directly off of devices from some affected users, we have fixed an issue with upgrading fr
  6. Hi all, Thank you for your feedback - both positive as well as constructive. We're listening and continue working on fixing critical issues as fast as we can. 8.0 is just the beginning - there will be lots of great updates coming throughout the year, and your feedback is both essential and welcome. We released Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch v8.0.2 earlier today. What's fixed in 8.0.2: Fixed our top crasher - related to thumbnail generation in note list snippets This surfaced as crash on launch, crash when scrolling a note list, or crash on
  7. Hi all, Today we released v8.0.1 to address the following issues: Inserting multiple images into a new note with no other content drops the images from the note 8.0.1 stops this behavior and repairs notes that may have encountered this issue From a note list, swiping on a note and tapping the delete button resulted in the note getting expunged instead of going to the Trash 8.0.1 now sends the note to the Trash We are currently focused on fixing the following issues to be part of 8.0.2: From a note list, swiping on an empty note that was just
  8. Hi all, We released Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch v8.0 earlier today. Evernote 8.0 is a complete redesign emphasizing speed and simplicity. Capture your thoughts with ease, and find what you're looking for faster than ever. Bring beauty and clarity to your notes with an improved editing experience. In addition, this new app will lay the foundation for us to more easily build the features you've been requesting. We’re really excited, and we hope you are too. What's New in Evernote 8.0: Quickly navigate between main sections of the app with the
  9. Hi Chris, Can you confirm your iPhone OS and Watch OS versions? What you describe was an Apple bug that was fixed with iOS 10.1 and watchOS 3.1 updates. Cheers, Chuck
  10. Updating to iOS 10.1 and watchOS 3.1 fixes the search crashing issue in the Watch app. Thanks, Chuck
  11. Hi all, Updating to iOS 10.1 and watchOS 3.1 fixed the issue with the Apple Watch crashing on Search. Cheers, Chuck
  12. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.18 earlier today. Edit: We released 7.18.1 on Tuesday, 10/25, to fix a China log in issue. This release fixes our top crasher and a few bugs. 7.18 Notable fixes and improvements: Local PDF thumbnail generation caused a crash When in a note list, if a PDF thumbnail was not provided by the server, we tried to generate a thumbnail on the fly. This stopped working as expected in iOS 10, so we stopped trying to do that. We now will retrieve the service-based thumbnail, and when we can't get one you'll see the PDF i
  13. Hi Colin, Rebooting will not upgrade your OS (and I definitely don't recommend upgrading a device's OS while traveling), but it will clear some cruft that builds up in memory (from the OS and apps). Rebooting often helps the device just work better in general and will allow app updates get "unstuck" if they're not updating properly. Enjoy your time in New England. Cheers, Chuck
  14. Hi, Sometimes the OS will have trouble installing an update - this happens to many apps in the App Store. I would highly recommend fully rebooting your device as a first step for troubleshooting as that normally fixes the issue. In your case, it seems to have remedied itself. To see the version that you're running, simply tap the gear wheel at the top left of the home screen to take you to Settings. Scroll down (if necessary), and you'll see the version that you are running on that device. The latest version is (where 346774 is our own internal build number). Cheer
  15. Hi JMichael, Please see my response in that forum post you linked to. Cheers, Chuck
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