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  1. I have been very careful with ios evernote. I only open it to look at notes... not to edit them. I try very hard not to actually "touch" the note body (due to the fact that you can't turn off touch to edit.) I close the application with double tap when I'm done. When I reopen, I wait for the wheel to stop spinning before I touch anything (the wheel keeps spinning for a while even after all the new notes show up.) Since adopting this "evernote ios hygiene," I haven't had any data loss. I think the problem happens when ios syncs the old versions over the new. This happens when the app was open and didn't sync for whatever reason. Or if you "touch to edit" before the app has had a chance to catch up. What's annoying is that if these kinds of conflicts happen between desktops, a "conflicted copy" is created. For some reason, this doesn't happen with ios.
  2. I am having the same problem. When you open an old version on the iphone it syncs over the most current changes made elsewhere. The elsewhere I refer to today is evernote web which I used to make changes on a note. The old version on the iphone was several months old. Luckily, as a premium member, I was able to get a relatively recent version back although without today's changes which, as I said, were made on evernote web and therefore definitely "synced." I have deleted evernote off my iphone to avoid this risk but it greatly diminishes the utility of this product.
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