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  1. This works! Thanks a lot! Also thanks for your Apple Script for backups!!!
  2. How to search just in titles? `intitle: pizza` does not work
  3. I seccond the request for user stylesheets or at least link color customization. The BLUE blue is sticking out too much for many situations where the link is just a convenient thing but shouldn't grab extra attention. (I'd go with a darker, less saturated blue).
  4. This has nothing to do with online or offline. I don't have a subscription and still a PDF that you've downloaded will stay cached in your local database. If you access a PDF and then turn WiFi off, you can still access it, even after quitting Evernote. The PDF viewer is just slow and I'd appreciate if they'd make it faster and directly display the PDF if that's the only content of a note (as is the case in the majority of my notes). I'll check out the dropbox app though.
  5. (Of course) iOS has support for rendering PDFs (there's a ZoomingPDFViewer sample code from Apple if you're wondering) Instead of having the somewhat tedious "thumbnail click -> fullscreen", the same viewer could be in the larger bottom half (right half in landscape) and right away (or be it after a 0.1 second delay) display the PDF
  6. your guess is wrong. The iPad is very fast and a task like this is perfectly feasible while staying responsive.
  7. When a note is consisting of just one single PDF the concept of showing the thumbnail isn't really satisfying. Especially with small, one or two-page PDFs, why aren't they displayed directly with a double click taking the user to the existing full screen viewer!?
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