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  1. I know how to do it in EVERNOTE for window, but is there a way to do it in web version of evernote (evernote.com)?
  2. In Canada, the phone format is (nnn) nnn-nnn where (nnn) is the area code. When I scan a business card with evernote for IOS I get the phone format nn nn nn nn nn which is the Europe format. The business card function of evernote is therefore not usefull and I never use it because of that bug. I reported that bug to evernote more than a year ago, and a second time a few months ago. It is still not fix. I retest that function on every new version of evernote and I am disapointed each time. What are you doing????? Please fix that problem. Thanks
  3. I tried to print a note with the new Evernote web beta. The print option is there. Something is printing.... But the NOTE does not print.
  4. In the new Evernote web beta... there is no SHARE BY EMAIL??? It was there with the preceding version.
  5. One big improvement that evernote could make in its application is to allow to specify a sorting default option PER notebook. Personnaly, i would like to see some notebooks by mofification-date and others by title. Thanks for considering.
  6. I would like to make a suggestion. It would be great if evernote would allow a sortint default BY NOTEBOOK. Personnaly, I like to see some notebook in chronological sequence. But some others, I would prefer to see them sorted alphabetically. I have to change the sort everytime i swith notebook which is annoying. Thanks Francois
  7. I have the same need. I would like to import an excel file (about 1000 lines) into evernote. Each line would become a new note into evernote. I read on a forum somewhere that an evernote employe wrote a macro to do this, Is this true????? May I get this macro???? If not... Is there a way to do what I want to do without having to do it by hand, one by one... Thanks
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