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  1. Many thanks for posting the link. That will allow me to keep using EN while they figure out what the heck they are doing!
  2. For almost 10 years I have been an EN user and for the most part have always been pleased with features as they were added. Now, with 10.6, I'm thinking of searching the alternatives. And, frankly, that's not something I've even been remotely interested in spending time on because I have been so happy with EN. Now the Offline Notebook was deleted, I only just now discovered all my notes sitting in my Upload Folder because that feature is no longer available either. It is now cumbersome and requires extra clicks to move notes between folders and the icing on the cake is that the app is SLO
  3. One other thing I may as well note here: Ver 10 is SLOW!!! Compared to Ver 6, the lag time to move notes is incredibly SLOW. I hope somebody can fix this thing.
  4. This is a smaller gripe than my post about moving notes, but it is one more feature change that was not well thought out in Ver 10. When I sort through the notes accumulated in my Inbox, those from Scannable on my phone show up as "Scannable Document" in the title. Easy peasy, I just double click and type in the correct title. However, with receipts my title includes a date code and I often have to scroll to the bottom of the receipt to see the date. In Ver 6* the title remained static in the window so that when I reached the bottom of the document I could just double click the title and type
  5. I recently upgraded from 6* to 10*, and while I'm still exploring the new version I already found something I truly think is a step backward. I have been using EN for many, many years and upload receipts, statements, etc from Scannable on my phone and from email as well. All goes into my Inbox for sorting. Once I sit down to sort, much of what I have is Receipts and Statements, each of which have their own folder. In the old EN it was so simple to move these notes from the Inbox to their respective folders. Since the 3 most recently used folders were in a dropdown list right below the note's f
  6. First, I'll admit that I have an old, antique iPhone 4. That said, the business card feature has worked just fine for me until now. The automatic feature is now slow, but no matter which way I go, once the photo is taken (and I can see that it is a clear photo) and I select to save it as a business card, all I get is a black photo and no information pre-filled. That there is a problem with this feature in the update is a definite understatement. 4/14/2015 Update: After latest "fix" downloaded, camera still takes just as long but now when saving I don't even get the option to save as a business
  7. I have seen this topic discussed in older posts, but nothing recently. I have just started a process of daily logging for my job and can see the shortcuts for the D/T stamp on the PC, but has anything been done for the iOS app to give it that same functionality?
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