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  1. Thanks for the comment, @CalS and I do agree that it is relative to one's risk tolerance.
  2. It appears that it would be easier to have a simple 'word count' option versus going through the note details. Better for writers, I suppose.
  3. @xind I believe this has been noted by many and hopefully we will see this update before long.
  4. I would recommend not using Evernote for sensitive information. Period.
  5. Agreed, seeing that we live with tables it would be ideal to create them on our mobile apps. Thanks, EN.
  6. @Antonina I use Google Chrome and are wondering if you have other options for browsers. I am not using Firefox and am unaware of any issue at this time.
  7. @pcv how are you attempting to share the file? Via email or a link?
  8. @MickP sounds like a good idea. I do not believe photos are in drive and that is where Evernote pulls the files when adding to notes. Here is a link to the google photos and google drive options.
  9. I am running Apple High Sierra and using 7.5 Evernote. The screen capture seems to be working fine.
  10. @Etonreve that is a wise recommendation. I would support that feature, thanks for the post. @DTLow is this something that can be implemented?
  11. Hi @TES826, I have not experienced this issue and I am using the same system. I would submit a ticket through support.
  12. I use the Cloze App CRM that allows me to save emails in Evernote.
  13. Happy to know you discovered the process to save and use the templates, @tomnagle. I am finding the templates to be useful.
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