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  1. Can confirm this mirrors my experience. And unfortunately, I can't just fall back on desktop client because I'm primarily a Linux user and Evernote has no native Linux client...all the available apps are wrappers around the web client and all using Chromium as the backend So, yeah, my interface with Evernote is fully borked until they fix this. This might finally get me to switch off using EN.
  2. I've been a long user of Evernote on iOs, Mac, Windows, and web. I keep a weekly note for simple todos and such. Its organized with bullet points and has worked fine for a year+. Within the past couple days however I'm noticing that frequently the depth and spacing of bulleted items gets completely wrecked when I come back to a note. This Is How It Should Look But I'll come back to the note or load it from mobile, or from web (there's no set pattern as to the cause) And The Note Now Looks Like This And I can't just go back up to those bullets and tab them over. It's completely hosed in the metadata. I try to tab and it ends up like First line Broken indent Broken indent Example shots attached. This is an extremely breaking bug. For my usage of Evernote, this renders the product entirely broken. What the hell is going on?
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