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  1. There are two "essentials" for my workflow, that the new EN no longer has. (1) Preferences Settings. The new EN has been completely stripped of the preferences. In the old version, I could turn off the "auto list" feature. The new version does not have that option. When I type a numeral, followed by a period, I do not want an auto indented list to begin. This is a deal-breaker for me. (2) Tabs. While this may not be a big deal for a lot of users, it is a function that is part of my daily workflow. I use EN as my daily task list planner, and I always have a tab open with that note. Yes, there is a work around, but we should not have to do a work around, since the function was once there. If they bring back those two "essentials" for me, I would not be considering finding another platform. Also, as with many app designers today, the newer version appears to an attempt to duplicate a mobile version. I am aware that many users are totally mobile in their usage. However, I believe there are still a great number of users that use either a laptop or desktop for their main business work. Also, most mobile versions of apps are not as fully functional as a desktop app. That is true of most developers. I am not sure as to why the developers believe a mobile version should be less functional than a non-mobile version. Thanks for the conversation.
  2. You may be correct as to other options. However, I am looking at Notion for the possible future. It flawlessly imports all EV notebooks, notes and tags. It also offers a more customizable user interface. Yet, there are some functions that Notion does not offer, like searching a PDF or Image for text. It's web clipper is also not as full as EN. So, if EN would simply address the issues, it may offer hope for longtime EN Premium users to stay. However, at least for me, they appear to be silent. I cannot get them to respond to e-mails or support tickets. They need to openly address the time frame for restoring the various requested features. Right now, we do not no when, or if ever, they will be restored. Personally, I would rather stay with EN. I have thousands of notes. Yet, I must know that the full functionality will be restored.
  3. Well...I've waited and received no reply from EN about the reduction in essential functions. So, I have e-mailed them a refund request for my Premium Subscription that renewed for the 10th time back in September. I understand they have a no refund policy. However, I paid for a product that I have used for years. They took that product away and handed a new release that is not as functional as the product I purchased. The "Legacy" version is not as functional as the previous version was either. It still has the look and feel, but some of the functionality is gone. Also, they plainly state they will not be supporting the Legacy version. Why should we pay for a non-supported product? So, since they took the product I purchased away, they should willingly offer a refund. IF they were to restore the full functionality of the old version into the new version, it may be worth staying with EN. Two essential functions for my daily workflow are "Tabs" and "Preferences" settings. The new version has no way to turn off the auto-list feature. I do not use that feature in my work flow, because it does not fit me. If they cannot restore the previous level of functionality, then another app may be necessary.
  4. I've become so frustrated with trying to work with EN Desktop Version 10, that I've downloaded and installed the "Legacy" versions. At least all of the functionality is there. I realize that this is not a viable long-term solution because EN will probably not support it too far in the future. Also, as a long-term Premium Subscriber, it does not make sense to continue with an out-dated app that won't be supported. I will check and see if EN responds to the massive call from numerous subscribers to bring back full functionality to the desktop version.
  5. DTLow, I may have chosen an incorrect term in saying "Upgrade." However, when a company produces a "new & improved" product, it is considered an upgrade from what was. However, in this case, the new iteration of the product is a less functional app. Going back to the legacy version is not really a viable option for a paid subscriber, since EN no longer supports it. One of the functions of a forum like this is to, hopefully, inform the company as to issues and improvements. They cannot exist without their customers. Therefore, it is both wise and prudent for them to at least give an ear to what is being said.
  6. PinkElephant, this is not about the cutting of "fat" features. These are essential features for many of us. The product that we purchase on an annual basis no longer functions as it did. Yes, I always welcome new iterations and improvements. However, the apps I purchase and use should not be reduced in useful features, but they should always be increased.
  7. Well, I upgraded to version 10, and regret doing so. It has less features than before. Why would any company release an "upgrade" that has less features than the previous version? That absolutely makes no sense. For starters, the tabs feature is gone. That is a feature that many of us used on a daily basis! Also, the former version permitted an adjustment of preferences. However, there are no "Preferences" menu options now. I had the auto-list function turned off on the previous version. I used an Evernote for my daily task list. When I type "1." I do not want Evernote automatically assuming it is a list and indenting it. However, in V10, I cannot turn that feature off. There are numerous features that are no longer available, which other commenters have referenced. However, if we cannot have a return of Preferences and Tabs, then I will be looking elsewhere. I have been a Premium subscriber for many years now. I would hate to leave EN, but when essential features are stripped, what other choice do we have? To anyone from EN...Please read your consumer's comments. Many of us are VERY unhappy with your less-features upgrade. Get EN back to functionality.
  8. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back tabs! I use the Mac version, and tabs are essential (as mentioned by another poster). I always have several tabs open. I have a Daily Work List that is my main tab and I click on other tabs for doing other work. As a Premium subscriber, I believe that EN should have taken a user survey before making the incredible decision to jerk tabs out.
  9. Very much needed back! Please bring back the tool bar with the Reminder button. Updates to the app should not strip essential features, but should add them. Thanks, Marty O. Wynn
  10. I understand that the Windows version of EN permits individualizing of the sort order for Notes. Currently, the Mac versions does not. If I change the sort order for a Note, it changes it for all notes. Please bring the individualizing of sorting to Mac. Thanks, Marty O. Wynn Columbus, GA
  11. Is there any way to get a Notebook "Link" so that it can be pasted on a page like the current ability to do that with a note?
  12. Thank you for your reply. Is there any update on the individual notebook sorting on the Mac? I stand corrected on the Notebook shortcut. I had tried to do it by right-clicking on the Notebook name in the sidebar. That did not work. Once I went to the "Notebooks" section, it worked. Thank you also for the info on the H tags. Again, thank you for your input. Marty Wynn
  13. Two features that I would like to request. 1. The ability to sort each notebook notes uniquely. Currently, if the sorting order is changed in one notebook, it changes for all notebooks. My notebooks are not all the same. Some need to be sorted alphabetically, some chronologically, some in other ways. 2. Add a "Copy Notebook Link" Currently, the individual notes have that feature, but I would like to have a main page that I open to in my "Daily" routine, and have Notebook Links on that page for quick access. It would also be good to be able to add a Notebook to the "Shortcuts" menu, which is not currently possible. 3. Add ability to add H-tags (H1, H2, H3, etc), with the ability to format those tags. It would permit the user to add styling to the otherwise plain notes Thanks for a great app. I use EN all day. Been a Premium user since 2008. Marty Wynn Columbus, GA
  14. There are many of us faithful EN Premium users that hope this series reveals your continued commitment to Penultimate. It is almost like EN has abandoned it, and it is a vitally needed app for the EN workflow. Bring back a robust version of it. Please!
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