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  1. There are many of us faithful EN Premium users that hope this series reveals your continued commitment to Penultimate. It is almost like EN has abandoned it, and it is a vitally needed app for the EN workflow. Bring back a robust version of it. Please!
  2. Ever since EN changed the layout of the Notebooks page, it has been a frustration for finding a single Notebook. However, it would be a GREAT help if the top of the Notebook page had a "Collapse/Expand All Notebooks" option. It would render a quicker scrolling and finding. Just a suggestion for making EN better.
  3. Thanks for this feedback. I'm waiting to hear from customers like yourself as to how useful they find the mini-toolbar. Would some like to run the toolbar in shrunken mode all the time? You can do this by the way by simply shrinking the sidebar width. We'll remember the size. If you'd like to run in this mini-sidebar mode, what features would you need to make it useful. I hear a vote for shortcuts. What about recent notes, notebooks and tags? Thanks to you and everyone else in this forum for the feedback on the auto-formatting feature. We're trying to do a better job of keeping things simple and not creating a preference for every little thing. However, listening to everyone in this forum's desire to turn off this feature makes me think this one probably deserves a preference item. I just wanted to let you and everyone else know we're investigating it. Thank you for listening. EN is a great productivity and information management tool. I proclaim its value to many and encourage them to sign up for the Premier version. However, the auto-list function should be able to be toggled on and off. As another poster stated, there are times when it is useful, but not at all times. For most of my usage, it is an unwanted distraction. Thanks.
  4. " Finally we added some text-editing shortcuts. Type an asterisk and hit space to create a bulleted list. (“* ”). Type a number then a period and hit space to geta numbered list. (“1. ”). I know some of you have already expressed that you don’t like this capability but we do believe many will like the way this works and will appreciate that it’s much more like a word processor. If we auto-format the text just hit CMD+Z to undo it." This is a BAD idea! It completely disrupts my style of note taking. If I want a list, that feature was already available in EN. For my "Daily Log" sheet, I do not want an automatic list created. Hitting CMD-Z undoes the last action, but as soon as I type "1." again, it indents and starts a list again. PLEASE give us the option of turning that feature off. As a Premier user, this can be a deal-breaker for me. Thanks, Marty O. Wynn Columbus, GA
  5. A Possible Solution to the Sluggishness At least for my issue, I believe I have figured out the issue. None of the recommend suggestions seemed to get rid of the sluggish typing and response problem (i.e., updates, clean installs, etc). However, I began to notice that the issue may be due to large note size. I discovered that, for me, it was only with one note. I had created a “Daily Log” note, in which I keep detailed records of phone calls, meetings, etc., with dates and days of those events. I began that note in April 2014 so, therefore, it was a rather length note. I did not think that would make a difference, but apparently EN refreshes the whole note. Anyway, I created a “Daily Log 2015” note and placed all of this year’s content in that note. Of course, it is a much smaller size now, and it works great! No sluggish or slow response at this time. If the problem resurfaces, I’ll be sure to let you know.
  6. Thanks JMichael for the input. Yes, I do have a late 2008 MBP, but EN has always worked flawlessly for me until about six months ago. It was immediately after an EN update, and everything bogged down. Also, as you have seen, it is an issue that has been noticed by others who have new MB. At this point, I should not have to be forced into acquiring a new MBP. Mine still runs like the day I acquired it, in March 2009, with no degradation of performance. About three years ago, I put a new hybrid 750gig hard drive in, but that is all. For so many people to have the same issue, there has to be a software issue that needs to be addressed by EN. Thank you also about the reminder that EN Premier users have support access. I had forgot about that.
  7. Is there any progress being made on this issue? I've been EN user for over seven years, and a Premier subscriber for the past three. This slow typing issue is an untenable situation. I have used a "Daily Log" note to keep track of all phone calls, meetings, etc. Yet, I am bogged down while trying to type (and I type at 75 wpm). EN cannot stay up with me, and I am constantly waiting. When I hit "Return" to start a new line, the bouncing beachball may take up to 20 seconds before I can type another keystroke. Is anyone at EN monitoring this thread? Is there ANYTHING being done to fix it? Should I look for another solution? As stated before, I am running: MacBook Pro (Late 2008) with latest version of Yosemite and 4-gig. Using EN version 6.0.13
  8. It seemed to get better for a little while. However, the past week, the slow typing is becoming unbearable. I can type three full lines ahead of its ability to show on the screen! That's not functional for me. I have used EN Premium for a while. Please fix this issue. We should not have to wait on EN to catch up to our typing. Oh, by the way, when you hit "Return" to create a new line, the beach ball cursor takes at least 15 seconds to get to the next line. Running: MacBook Pro (Late 2008) with latest version of Yosemite and 4-gig. Using EN version 6.0.13
  9. I'm running a late 2009 Macbook Pro, with Yosemite OS X, 4-gig ram, and a 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. I am also a premium user. After doing the upgrade to 6.0.7, I have noticed a definite improvement. There is still some slow response time, but not nearly as bad as it has been. The improvement may keep me hanging on to EN as we wait for a complete fix. Thanks EN. Keeping working on the solution.
  10. EN has become almost impossible to use for my daily work flow at this point. The sluggishness of EN on my MacBook Pro (OSX Yosemite) has become worse. It just randomly pauses (i.e., Beachball) as I am typing. When I hit "Return" to go to the next line, it takes about 6 seconds to let me begin typing again. I don't want to have to switch to another product. I have LOVED EN since I began using it, and have been a paying subscriber for two years now. PLEASE resolve this issue.
  11. AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! Please do something about this issue. This is one Premium (i.e., paid) user that is arriving at his wit's end. I have used EN as my Daily Call & Conversation log for several years, and now it is becoming unbearable. When I am on a phone conversation, the EN cannot keep up with my typing. The "beachball" delay is hampering the workflow. I know EN is working on the issue, but it may be time to devote more tech staff and work on it around the clock. The potential loss of revenue from the departure of paying customers could be more than the cost of resolving the issue quickly. Just a thought.
  12. This is REALLY getting annoying. I use EN for my daily calling log. The pauses, and sluggish operation of it is very frustrating when I am trying to type notes on a call.
  13. My Evernote is a direct download from the website, and I have already tried turning off the auto sync. Still having the same sluggish issue. It is more than a little disruptive. As a Premium user, I love the product. Hope you guys are able to find a fix soon. Thanks
  14. Are there any Evernote tech monitoring this thread? This sluggishness of Evernote is now a REAL issue for all users, but especially those who pay for Premium version.
  15. Ditto to everything said above. I have been an Evernote fan for several years. I have been a Premium user for two years. However, this issue is rendering the app into the "bad app" category. Can the tech department offer a solution? This issue needs to be resolved quickly. Keep Evernote as one of the best apps offered! BTW, I am using a MBP (late 2009) model, with Yosemite OS X
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