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  1. I'm having the same problem... can't figure it out. I use this every day. I've uninstalled and re-installed, still can't access. Let me know if you find a fix. THANKS Ken
  2. On my iPhone, I'm getting the ERROR message, "Unable to sync"... and in the details, it identifies a note that is too large. Here's my problem, I can't find the file! I've searched my Mac and my iPhone, and it doesn't seem to exist. Any ideas?
  3. Thanks - As I said, I left the BETA version on my MAC, and downloaded the public version. That fixed my sizing problem with tables. But, I no longer have access to TABS - which I enjoyed using. Is that a BETA only feature? When will it come to the public version?
  4. Wow... I downloaded the new BETA... and it distorted all my TABLES... I've got > 17k notes... WOW! Far as I could tell, it affected the tables in which I have a color background (which are many). I went to SUPPORT, and was told to leave BETA and download Version 6.10 (454267 Direct) - it fixed my TABLE problem (whew). But now, apparently, I've lost TABS. Do TABS only appear in the BETA version? Did anyone else have trouble with the NEW BETA and tables? I've attached a screenshot to show what happened.
  5. OK Here's yet another feature we lost on this release: When I use a CLASSIC link (e.g. evernote:///view/371461175/s12/f185aef1-2b4f-43c6-94be-f09f000e062d/f185aefxxxxxxxxxxxxx/ - the type I use routinely to put links in CALENDAR, OmniFOCUS, ADRESS BOOK (MAC), etc), the link takes me to the note in the Evernote Window, but DOES NOT OPEN it (as it always has). That means, my current view in EW is lost, and I must click to open the note. FIX?? Ken
  6. Me, too. I think the guys who worked on a static title somehow cancelled the shortcut key... and like you, DT, I use it on almost every post - it's important for me to see the date I posted the note.
  7. Ken Aug 5, 11:34 PDT Just updated my EN... new feature: title stays static. All good. But I am no longer able to use keyboard shortcut to insert date and time stamp in the title... OUCH! I'm a mac user. Can I get it back?
  8. Got it... you are quite right. Thanks.
  9. Hey gazumped - I wish I could make your second suggestion work on my system… I am a MacBook Yosemite user… And I use Evernote heavily. I am able to get your first suggestion to work perfectly, and that is what I do rely on. I would like to get your second suggestion to work, however when I right click the menu that pops up does not include an option for copy link. What am I missing? Here's a link to my screenshot. THANKS! Ken
  10. Hey guys – thanks for starting this string of posts… I also am a fanatical user of Evernote and create links between notes on a regular basis… Stopping off at a web browser and waiting for my notes to load before the note will open in Evernote is a royal pain in the backside (ass). I have tried to figure out why in the world it is done that way at all… Perhaps because it is the only way to connect with notes on mobile devices? Whatever… I am more often than not looking for the "classic" link which takes me directly to the note…Thank you Extropy... Without your post, I never would have found the classic link at all. QUESTION: Along the same lines... The keyboard shortcut: control-alt-command C... is, as far as I can tell, unpredictable. Sometimes I get the full on web link… Other times I get the classic link – which is the one I prefer. Does anyone know how to consistently get the classic link?
  11. I'm with you, Leif. Glad to know there is a growing number of users waiting for those links to work again. Ken
  12. I'm in line with all the above... I've got lots of file://user... links that are currently DEAD. I've also reported my problem dragging and dropping emails (MAC MAIL) into my notes... they are no longer readable in QUICKVIEW... and rather than an ICON, it's a LINK... e.g. message:%3C1144..... I'm loving many of the enhancements, but these oversights have made many of my notes useless. Jack... if you are reading, I'm one more PREMIUM user who will applaud the fix... ASAP. Ken
  13. Two issues: 1. When I drag and drop emails (from MAC MAIL) into my notes, I get a LINK rather than the mail icon (as I have prior the upgrade). Here's a sample: message:%3C2014439074.1300594111413227504887.JavaMail.app@rbg51.atlis1%3E 2. Highlighting: When I bold/italicize text, I get a mysterious yellow highlight thrown in... odd? I'm guessing there are still some bugs to work out in 5.6.1
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