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  1. I agree. Tabs are great, but EN multiple windows would offset the absence of tabs, allowing us to move from search set to search set without having to re-enter the search... and wait. EN TEAM - Are you listening??
  2. Wow... another feature, GONE. I've been trying to get EN developer's attention on TABS - we're met with silence. Same thing here. Hard to believe that this is so difficult. EN now is a place to store sound files, but not to play them; or add recordings on the fly. Thanks PinkElephant for the suggestion to return to the old version; but there are things I've come to rely on in the new... and new routines. UGH.
  3. It's good to see so many of my fellow, heavy Evernote users weigh in on this point... I'm using the current version... lots I like; somethings I don't like (e.g. the slow processing when batch tagging, inability to sort by NOTEBOOK when I'm organizing my notes, having to re-learn my shortcuts, etc.,)... but the absence of TABS is really big... we all want it - and every time I get an update, I think... sweet! Maybe this is our time! But no. Nothing. Nada. Not a peep from anyone. What's up with that?? PS - I've been relying on EN to manage my life for years... I've got some 30,000 notes to manage.
  4. This was the first thing I missed with the new version... Don't know why it's so complicated. I'm with you, Thaddeus55. Ken
  5. Thanks, Pink Elephant... but I'm weird... there's lots I like about the new version... I was ready for a fresh new look. Damn!! But I miss TABS... and wish some of the batch functions were still with us... i.e. I move e.g. 10 notes at a time to a new notebook, and I have to reach for my coffee while I wait for EN to complete a task which in the prior version, was virtually instantaneous. So we wait for improvements, huh?
  6. So what's the holdup? How could this be ignored when so many of us rely on TABS for our work flow? When will this return to the MAC app?
  7. I'm having the same problem... can't figure it out. I use this every day. I've uninstalled and re-installed, still can't access. Let me know if you find a fix. THANKS Ken
  8. On my iPhone, I'm getting the ERROR message, "Unable to sync"... and in the details, it identifies a note that is too large. Here's my problem, I can't find the file! I've searched my Mac and my iPhone, and it doesn't seem to exist. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks - As I said, I left the BETA version on my MAC, and downloaded the public version. That fixed my sizing problem with tables. But, I no longer have access to TABS - which I enjoyed using. Is that a BETA only feature? When will it come to the public version?
  10. Wow... I downloaded the new BETA... and it distorted all my TABLES... I've got > 17k notes... WOW! Far as I could tell, it affected the tables in which I have a color background (which are many). I went to SUPPORT, and was told to leave BETA and download Version 6.10 (454267 Direct) - it fixed my TABLE problem (whew). But now, apparently, I've lost TABS. Do TABS only appear in the BETA version? Did anyone else have trouble with the NEW BETA and tables? I've attached a screenshot to show what happened.
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