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  1. If you take 10 notes/day, it would take 27 years to reach 100k notes. So no worries.
  2. Everytime I check reddit, the only thing I see is people complaining about EN. What do you guys think, is EN getting better or worse? On reddit almost everybody says that V10 is terrible, but I do not have any problems with that. And if v10 really that bad, do you guys think that it'll get fixed quickly?
  3. True, If you want to be quick and just type and learn, Evernote is perfect. I tried notion, it can do a lot more things than Evernote, but it's slower, doesn't have an offline mode and it's too much. Evernote is good for learning, Notion is for the people which has to organise their entire life and have like 3 different jobs to do.
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