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  1. The fix is to disable acceleration. The issue is with CEF's (Chromium Embedded Framework) interaction with your video driver.
  2. Thanks @jefito. Yes, that is completely expected. There's now a new Beta3, so our "newest" version now is newer according to MSI also.
  3. That DLL is part of CEF. It's safe - as long as you got your installer from us.
  4. There's a new Beta3 now available. It should be safe! (The link in the initial post at the top of this thread has been updated)
  5. That's expected. See my post (a couple) above. Edit: Our upgrade path doesn't play nicely with MSI (Microsoft Installer).
  6. I did it for almost 3 years at another company. Driver installs too. (Funny thing, headhunter contacted me, my skills were a perfect match - for installers. Nope! Once was enough!)
  7. A "new" version is available. This is a hotfix for the 6.17 GA. Because of our update versioning, this is seen as an update to the beta (because it was released later - yeah, I know. The architecture for that was set down a decade ago. Thankfully we rarely run into cases like this.). If you're running Beta2 (or 3), the hotfix issue is already fixed, so you probably want to ignore the 6.17.7 release. (And because of MSI versioning, the installer itself knows this is a downgrade and will complain. Loudly. double sigh.)
  8. We do have the automatic update set at 0% - but if you manually check, you'll see it. A replacement for that beta is coming "real soon".
  9. Yes, that's beta3. Beta2 can be found at: http://cdn1.evernote.com/win6/prerelease/Evernote_6.18.2.8380.exe
  10. Recommendation: Downgrade to Beta2. Seriously. (We're working on rolling back all the CEF changes that went into Beta3. I'll need a substance abuse program when this is done.)
  11. We had to modify the CEF source to get DnD to do what we needed. (But the problem is deeper - rolling back all our changes still doesn't get things that should work working)
  12. There are multiple DnD issues (honestly? Don't DnD). The "blank space" issue has been identified. Updating CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework - the browser) is always a dreadful process. We updated between this beta and the last.
  13. It could be that you have both the direct download and Store versions installed. Which gets started depends on what you click (and what's currently running). It would probably be best to just uninstall everything and start over with the version you want...
  14. This means you're running the version from the Windows Store. You can't update that - it will update when a new version is pushed (from us) to the Store.
  15. If Evernote is not running (check the task manager to make sure it's not stuck - evernoteclipper.exe doesn't matter). If you can't delete the exb at that time, then the issue is with the OS filesystem - or a virus checker (if you can exclude the evernote directory from scanning, it can improve things)
  16. Use the Options dialog and disable hardware acceleration. There's no need to directly edit the registry for that anymore.
  17. Right now, the geocoding failure is expected. At some time in the past, the Google's API changed and now requires an API key (it's not free anymore). So any attempt to translate GPS coordinates to nice names will fail.
  18. What do you mean by "<Notes> icon"? The "All Notes" item? It just makes all notes visible in the list, so nothing would happen if you have that hidden. I did notice an issue if you have the notelist hidden, create a new note (not in a new window), and then click to another notebook. The new note being destroyed (because it's not needed) causes no note to show so you have to click 2x on the notebook to see the first note there.
  19. They won't show up in the list mode. You need to have your note list in card, snippet, or thumbnail mode.
  20. I'm trying! I rant and rail when designers want the scroll bars to do that. Because saying I hate it is being far too kind!
  21. From my point of view, it's working as designed. Users aren't supposed to be traversing down into the WindowsApps directory - that's why it requires admin level access. You can use the start menu and pin (store apps are just ... different) It sounds like you'd be better served using the direct download version of Evernote instead...
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