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  1. yep I did, and also tried assigning another shortcut to evernote instead of only deleting it but no luck
  2. not sure what all these speculation are but it is not making sense if you have any windows application experience, same applies to the task manager and killing processes,
  3. well if you consider windows 10 which was first released in July of 2015 recent then I agree, but it is not, and changing the shortcut of evernote is not a solution cause there is no way to revert back to the original windows state, at least I couldn't find a way so far. the right solution is you find a fix and include it in the next update of evernote to correct the problem(add it to your backlog stories), or at least provide a way to revert the action center shortcut back.
  4. so far I did not find any api nor registry keys to roll it back to the original pristine windows config
  5. how did they hijack it if it was working with previous versions of evernote?? also don't you have to follow what newer versions of windows uses in the first place and change your hotkeys if needed? I don't understand your argument? your app is installed on top of the OS, so you hijacked the shortcut not the other way around!!
  6. so I got my evernote for window updated yesterday, and surprisingly most of my global built in windows shortcuts are no more working, all taken over by the damn evernote global shortcuts for example Windows Key+A which is supposed to open the windows Action bar center is now assigned to evernote and no way to assign it back to the original windows shortcut. I tried to change or disable the shortcut in evernote but it didn't make a difference, My question is did the ***** developers/product managers pick these shortcuts randomly? did they bother to ***** research what windows bu
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