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  1. I downloaded the new version, and have uninstalled it and gone back to my last version. I hope they decide to add back the Local folder. I want to have a folder that is not out on the internet where I can have my long list of passwords and my private financial information. I have organized my notes extensively with Tabs, and the new version didn't look very "tab friendly".
  2. I got onto to the chat support this afternoon, the agent told me they'd released a Beta version by mistake, we uninstalled the updated version and he gave me a link to reinstall an earlier version. I'm back up and running again. I got the same message asking me if I wanted to upgrade and when I looked at the version # it was the Beta version again so I passed on it.
  3. I followed your instructions and it created another shortcut icon, which doesn't work either. The icon has an upward pointing blue arrow on the lower left, and 2 blue arrows pointing at each other on the top right. Nothing happens when I click the icon
  4. I went to my Control Panel and found Programs and Features, Evernote v.6.17.6 is listed there, installed 1/27/2019. I don't see an option to select More to go to file location. My option on this page is to uninstall it.
  5. My desktop icon is not working to open Evernote after the last update. How can I get my shortcut icon back and working on my Dell laptop?
  6. Thank you, hadn't even thought of going to my phone menu! Was just thinking it would be part of a master menu on my Evernote account. So now I'll tag a note with instructions for making an offline folder for the next time I need to do this.
  7. Still not finding it. When I'm in Evernote itself I see File, Edit, View, Note, Format, Tools, Help, and so far have not found a pull down menu that says User>Settings>Notebook>Offline Notebooks If I sign into my Evernote account and then click on the arrow by my user name and then select Account Settings, there is nothing that says Notebooks. It's a page summarizing my monthly usage, how to give a gift to a friend, my username and address, etc. The column on the left says Account Summary, Personal Settings, Devices, Profile, Reminders, Context Sources, Security Summary, Applicat
  8. I am going out of the country, won't have reliable internet access, and can't remember how to make a notebook available offline (I'm a Premium member). At one time I did make a notebook offline and would like to change it back (it takes up a lot of memory and I just want the one notebook related to this trip to be offline for now). Also, I was reading in another thread about people discovering that even though they had designated a notebook to be offline, they couldn't access the content. Are people still having a problem with that?
  9. Thank you Jim.g, I couldn't image that feature had been removed and I just wasn't finding it. I'm going on a trip and won't have my laptop and will need to use my phone.
  10. Since the last update I haven't been able to find a place to be able to search by my tags when I use Evernote on my phone. Have I just not found the right drop-down menu or has that been removed? That's a powerful search method that I miss
  11. thank you for your response, it was very helpful, and pointed me in a slightly different way of solving my problem, and now I know I can't end a clip into a specific note
  12. I have Web clipped a photo of a bird that I would like to place into a specific note. Is there a way I can direct it to go into that note when I clip it (rather than just indicate the notebook and tag it)? Or, once I have the photo clipped and it's been saved as a note, is there a way I can insert that note into another note? I'm going on a birding tour, would like to make a note for each day of the tour with a list of birds that are expected to be seen that day, and would like to clip photos of the birds to place beside each bird's name in the note.
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