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  1. Yeah, it was just a comment that's interesting because I do keep everything in the cloud. BUT even before that, the app was still slow. I thought it might make things easier, and smoother, but it didn't.
  2. It' the default installation, on my main SSD with over 200GB free space. I installed the Legacy on a secondary SSD, yet, works perfectly.
  3. The idea that you have to wait a week for an app to work seems preposterous. But no, I've been (trying to) using for months.
  4. Just to give an idea of how slow and unresponsive it is.... Vídeo do WhatsApp de 2024-02-11 à(s) 18.53.05_ef44f5b1.mp4
  5. I don't prefer Notion, but it seems to be the only option once Legacy is no longer available as I really don't have the patience for the constant lag in v10. I've tried even running just evernote v10, no other apps to see if there was something going on and... nothing. Sometimes it takes 10 seconds just to open a note.
  6. Evernote 10 sucks both in my home and work computers - both new i7 64GB memory, with SSD, 1gb internet connection. Everything is slow. Open a tab is a pain, scrolling is a pain. I'm back to Legacy. If Evernote stops supporting it I'll just move to Notion which has zero issues - I've been using it for active work and Evernote as a backup tool, but I'm not gonna pay (a lot) just to have a backup.
  7. Thanks. I'm going back to Legacy as v10 is just *****. Everything is slow. It takes forever to load, open a page, open a note, even scroll is a pain. I don't understand why is so hard to make this app work like... the Legacy!
  8. I don't have such problem with any other app, but Evernote. It started immediately after I've update to version 10 - thankfully there's the legacy version, otherwise it'd be impossible to work. The new version is just horrible. It fails to show my noes if I'm offline, it's laggy, slow... The iOS version I even uninstalled, it's so slow I gave up.
  9. Ok, so...? I cannot edit eny excel sheet or word documento using evernote because AVG closes it. It's been a month and no solution. This new version is the worst I've ever seen!
  10. Been having the same issues fo over 3-4 different versions, did everything I could, even asked for help from support and nothing.
  11. That's it, I'm almost giving up on Evernote. Been using for ages, my whole life is there, but I just can't stand the crashes and freezings anymore. Every ***** day I have to deal with at least a couple of crashes that force me to kill the Windows app and it freezes so many times that's impossible to count. If I save a word document, if I attach absolutely anything to a note, if I do any search, etc... Is it so hard to make it work without freezing all the damn time?
  12. Yeap, I never use beta versions. I also don't use the web version, all my issies are in the desktop version.
  13. I've re-installed, cleaned everything and downloaded all data from the server. It helped. I'm still getting some error messages like before, but the app freezes, though it doesn't crash. It is crashig when I use the search option (ctrl+f). Not the first time, but if I type it again my Evernote freezes and I have to force it to close an ope again. IT also happens when I'm editting a .docx and I save it, my Evernote completely freezes and a few times it crashes.
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