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  1. New links are ok now, but same issue for all existing links How can EN people introduce such incompatibility ?
  2. Reported and not fixed since December 2018. As a result, I have many dead links
  3. Why is this issue still present in version 6.17 ?
  4. Link to a local file no longer works if the path contains a French accentuated character (é, etc) Windows 10 64 bits - version
  5. The following link works : file:///C:\Test\fichier test.txt This one doesn't work : file:///C:\Test\fichier testé.txt
  6. Since moving my Evernote database to a faster disk, EN no longer freezes
  7. This issue appears when the link contains a French accentuated character (é, etc)
  8. This sounds really great I hope somebody will provide something similar for Wiindows!
  9. That's a very good workaround I'll give it a try but, as you say, it's a bit tedious. I can't imagine going through this process each time I create a link and I am not sure I would be able to automate it. Thanks anyway
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