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  1. Yes. You can always set it to whatever key combo you want.
  2. FYI: In a future update (currently targeted at 6.18.Beta2), the default hotkeys will be updated to remove any Win modifiers. These will be: CreateNewNote: ctrl+alt+N (current default)FindInEvernote: ctrl+shift+F (new, current win+F)CaptureScreen: ctrl+alt+S (new, current win+S)CopySelection: ctrl+shift+alt+A (new, current win+A)PasteClipboard: ctrl+alt+V (current default)
  3. Tools -> Options -> General page Uncheck "Automatically check for updates"
  4. Using 6.17.6, I see HTML and text on the clip board (using ClipSpy). So pasting into a browser "just works". (I r-clicked in the note on the link and selected 'Copy' in the context menu)
  5. Much easier: Tools -> Options, On the General page, uncheck 'Enable Hardware Acceleration'
  6. Yes. Windows did not originally use Win+A. I'm not sure what version of Windows that came in with, but it's recent. We have a bug in our backlog to change all the hotkeys to remove the Win modifier. In the meantime, users are free to pick whatever key combination they want in the Options dialog.
  7. Use Task Manager and see if the Evernote process is "stuck". Kill any Evernote/EvernoteTray/EvernoteSubprocess instances (or reboot Windows). The shortcut should work after that. (Sometimes EN gets stuck while closing - but the window has gone away so it looks like it's gone. But it's still enough alive that the mutex prevents another instance from starting.)
  8. No. All you can do is try to register it. If it fails, someone has it. The way people figure out "who" has it - use taskmgr and kill processes until the hotkey is released.
  9. Oh great. Another of our default hotkeys has been hijacked by Microsoft... sigh. (Whoever registers the hotkey first gets it. Windows has an advantage there.) > did they bother research what windows built in shortcuts are? Yes. Yes, we did. And then MS released an new version of Windows and here we are.
  10. Try disabling hardware acceleration: Tools -> Options -> General -> "[ ] Enable Hardware Acceleration"
  11. Sorry, no. We don't give out internal details like that or scheduling info. (I remember creating the bug/feature-request when I stumbled over an MS blog "Supporting “launch at startup” in a desktop app converted with the Desktop Bridge")
  12. It's in the backlog. Windows Store apps are ... um ... different. So the startup doesn't work the same.
  13. As far as I know, there have been no code changes around links... If you right-click over the link and select 'Edit' from the context menu, does the link appear to be ok? I'm wondering if somehow the link's actual link got changed... If that appears ok, then I suspect some OS setting was changed that's blocking it... (no idea what - maybe some other program hijacked the default http/https protocol?) (My links are opening in Chrome)
  14. Depends what version of Win10 you're on! Microsoft stole that shortcut for their screen clipper. He-who-registers-first-wins.
  15. Because we haven't fixed it yet. We're actively working on it, but there's many moving parts and things we thought for sure would work caused havoc in other areas.
  16. We released the hotfix last night, so the email issue should be fixed now.
  17. It was released last night. ("Help -> Check for Updates" to get it now, I don't believe we've released it to 100% yet - but a manual check will always find it)
  18. The way it is presented is slightly different, though the font size should be the same. We now allow you to specify the font and font size for the title. That was the only reasonable way to get all character glyphs to show correctly. (I'm not aware of any standard Windows font that has all unicode characters. Text is hard.)
  19. I have a fix pending review. This problem would have also been in the last Beta, but we missed it there. This is related to the new note failure in that Beta.
  20. Ah *****. We fixed the issue from the last Beta with this in the main EN application. But missed it in the other supporting executables. I'm on it...
  21. This was an issue that slipped out in the last Beta. It is fixed in the GA (recently released). Edit: Oh. Different but related issue. A fix is pending.
  22. Hardware acceleration can also be changed via the Options dialog (on the General page).
  23. I shudder to implement this because of ambiguity (yes, I'd be the one on the Windows platform)... You realize %APPDATA%.txt is a valid windows file name?
  24. As far as I know, we do not support environment variables in a link. (For one thing, they're not cross platform so that link could not work on any platform other than Windows)
  25. Yes, this is correct. Currently the program remembers the last "notebook" (in quotes as it applies to things like all-notes and workspace views). Remembering the last view would be a (nice!) feature enhancement.
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