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  1. They won't show up in the list mode. You need to have your note list in card, snippet, or thumbnail mode.
  2. It's hidden in there in some weird way, sorry, I don't remember how (the structure pre-dates me and my work has just been thru our access functions)
  3. I'm trying! I rant and rail when designers want the scroll bars to do that. Because saying I hate it is being far too kind!
  4. From my point of view, it's working as designed. Users aren't supposed to be traversing down into the WindowsApps directory - that's why it requires admin level access. You can use the start menu and pin (store apps are just ... different) It sounds like you'd be better served using the direct download version of Evernote instead...
  5. I suspect we've never even considered users trying to use this as a clipboard format since it's really intended for internal purposes... First, the root element must be "en-clipboard" or we ignore it. I'd have to actually trace into the code to see how validation is expected to work...
  6. That would be key. Different formats on the clipboard are handled differently. Just pasting ENML as text is not going to work.
  7. The cookie is used to determine whether or not we pasted it. Which determines whether or not we need to validate it.
  8. If there are no entries in the registry, you're running the Windows Store version of Evernote, not the direct download version. The store isolates the registry, so there is no way to directly edit registry entries applicable to the store version.
  9. https://www.onenote.com/download Click the 'Windows Desktop' link under the "Also available on" section.
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