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  1. It sounds as though the MSI installer was deleted. If the MSI is deleted from \Windows\Installer, Windows cannot uninstall a program. At that point, you need to use the original installer so MSI can run a repair operation.
  2. dconnet

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    I'm working on that code branch right now...
  3. dconnet

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 GA

    Actually, no. The export with r-click in the nav pane has never worked (for all notes). Export only works on selected notes, or when r-clicking on a notebook.
  4. "Evernote for Windows 6.5.4" is no longer supported. You need to upgrade the client.
  5. dconnet

    Evernote for Windows 6.15 Beta 2

    It's currently enabled (by the server) only for betas. I can't speak about timelines for GA... (besides, I actually don't know them!)
  6. Um. No we don't. Product Managers do. We do try to influence them...
  7. dconnet

    Wrap long note titles in Snippet View

    As far as I know, Snippet has never wrapped. Specifically because it has far less space than the Card.
  8. dconnet

    Is there any way to fullscreen Evernote?

    Mac has it. Windows does not.
  9. Oh, we do. And we try to fight back. But when the decree comes down from above "Thou Shalt Do It THIS Way!", there's not much we can do except make you guys upset... Though sometimes it's ohs-and-ahs instead... (And I will fight you do the death about putting in a toggle option on every new UI change! That means more than 2x the work - the old style, the new style, and a way to switch between. Oh, can you tell what my opinion is about A/B testing UIs?)
  10. dconnet

    Why so many background processes?

    Scars? That would assume they're healing! (I'm thanking $deity I avoided getting dragged into that. I've just been annoying you guys with things like the bold titles!)
  11. dconnet

    sync error

    FYI: 6.7.6 will still work on Vista. XP too.
  12. dconnet

    Evernote Dictionary Not Retaining Words

    Talk to Google. The dictionary issues we've been having is from the CEF1 to CEF3 conversion we went thru a number of months ago.
  13. dconnet

    Issue with Evernote Desktop Icon

    Windows Installer seems to periodically mess this icon up. And then it stays messed up. Right-click on the shortcut and select "Open file location". Delete that shortcut and create a new one (right-click-drag evernote.exe (from the program files dir) to the open window you just deleted the shortcut from). Rinse-and-repeat for the one in the start menu. We haven't figured out why yet... (and yes, it's happening on my machine too)
  14. dconnet

    Import Folder not all imported

    When I had a cat, she knew how to un-knit!
  15. I've had that happen. And of course I wasn't in the debugger. And of course I couldn't repro it. sigh.