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  1. dconnet

    Link to local files issue

    Because we haven't fixed it yet. We're actively working on it, but there's many moving parts and things we thought for sure would work caused havoc in other areas.
  2. dconnet

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    We released the hotfix last night, so the email issue should be fixed now.
  3. It was released last night. ("Help -> Check for Updates" to get it now, I don't believe we've released it to 100% yet - but a manual check will always find it)
  4. dconnet

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    The way it is presented is slightly different, though the font size should be the same. We now allow you to specify the font and font size for the title. That was the only reasonable way to get all character glyphs to show correctly. (I'm not aware of any standard Windows font that has all unicode characters. Text is hard.)
  5. dconnet

    Evernote for Windows 6.17 GA

    I have a fix pending review. This problem would have also been in the last Beta, but we missed it there. This is related to the new note failure in that Beta.
  6. Ah *****. We fixed the issue from the last Beta with this in the main EN application. But missed it in the other supporting executables. I'm on it...
  7. This was an issue that slipped out in the last Beta. It is fixed in the GA (recently released). Edit: Oh. Different but related issue. A fix is pending.
  8. dconnet

    Black screen in the note panel

    Hardware acceleration can also be changed via the Options dialog (on the General page).
  9. dconnet

    Using Environment Variables in Links?

    I shudder to implement this because of ambiguity (yes, I'd be the one on the Windows platform)... You realize %APPDATA%.txt is a valid windows file name?
  10. dconnet

    Using Environment Variables in Links?

    As far as I know, we do not support environment variables in a link. (For one thing, they're not cross platform so that link could not work on any platform other than Windows)
  11. dconnet

    Open Evernote Windows in Notebooks

    Yes, this is correct. Currently the program remembers the last "notebook" (in quotes as it applies to things like all-notes and workspace views). Remembering the last view would be a (nice!) feature enhancement.
  12. dconnet

    Iriska Evernote for Windows 6.17 beta 2

    They are 2 completely separate instances running. With some coordination via the tray icon program. Program robustness for detecting that other instances have crashed could (um, yeah) use a little work...
  13. dconnet

    Local files on non-local drive

    As far as I remember (without digging into the code), we check the database when it is opened. Having the database live on a network drive is risky. We rely on sqlite file locking and that may not work on networked drives. (As I remember, that warning was added because people kept complaining about data loss/corruption when on a networked drive.)
  14. dconnet

    Link to local files issue

    Thanks - this is a known issue. We have a bug tracking it (well, the bug is actually for Russian, but it's the same thing!)
  15. dconnet

    Open Evernote Windows in Notebooks

    There was. There wasn't. There is. It went away for a while and then was resurrected in a new form. That's been available for a while now.