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  1. No. Don't do that. Don't. FYI: Windows does have the enscript utility: (c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote) >enscript -? Usage: ENScript <command> [options] Commands: createNote - creates note from the specified file or url importNotes - imports notes from the specified export file or url showNotes - displays specified notes in the Evernote window printNotes - prints specified notes from the Evernote window exportNotes - exports specified notes into a file createNotebook - creates a notebook listNotebooks - lists specified notebooks to standard output syncDatabase - synchronizes database to the service Type "ENScript <command> /?" to get command specific help. @filename - specifies response file name contaning options one per line. Command line options that follow response file name specification override options specified in the response file.
  2. Do you know which version was installed previously? I'm thinking it was an earlier version - if you ran that, it should run in repair mode and fix the broken installation. The installer you're running thinks the old version is still installed and is attempting to do an upgrade - part of an upgrade is uninstall - and that's what's failing (because the MSI was lost in the migration - which a repair will fix)
  3. (If you don't see a menu bar, you're probably running the web version. I rarely use that, so I don't know how you print from there...)
  4. Another question would be what does your log look like? (Help -> Activity Log) There may be some clues in there...
  5. File-changed notifications are notoriously bad on network devices. (Not the same reason we don't support putting the exb out there - that's because file locking is notoriously bad.)
  6. These are the hated bugs - random. Very hard to repro and fix. Sigh. An alternate to rebooting: Open Task Manager and kill the running Evernote processes. You can leave EvernoteClipper.exe - that's not what prevents EN from starting again. It's the Evernote.exe, EvernoteSubprocess.exe, and EvernoteTray.exe processes. When the main Evernote.exe crashed, it died in such a way that the other processes didn't catch that and proceed to act very badly.
  7. That. Edit: BTW, I should mention I played around with trying to expand our current theming to the list controls (standard windows controls) that we use for the note list. It was a complete failure at making it look right.
  8. Since the note is still on the web, try just modifying that note and resyncing the client. (No idea how it would just "vanish" on the client...)
  9. Precisely. My (very rough) estimate is that it would be a minimum of 6 months of effort. Almost everything in the UI is custom drawn. (Actually many of the custom drawn things are probably easier to update than some of the standard windows controls are!)
  10. It's now called "Move Note to Trash" (the reason (so I was told) was people were confused about whether the note was really deleted or just in the trash)
  11. That's Windows. Windows tries very hard to prevent an application from forcing itself to the top (and stealing focus). Raymond Chen has a good blog post about this: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20090220-00/?p=19083
  12. I meant the Evernote windows version. I have zero insight into what Microsoft is doing! (And the version we have in the store is not a UWP app - it's the exact same binary you get when you do a direct download and install.
  13. Most other platforms get dark theme support for free. Windows does not. (The Windows dark theme support you hear about is only available to UWP apps. That's not us.) The likelihood of the current Windows version supporting a true dark theme are about 0.1%.
  14. Ah, sorry... The reminder list has not changed in Windows. It is not in either of the list views. (And unless something changes, there are no plans I know of to add it.)
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