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  1. It's now called "Move Note to Trash" (the reason (so I was told) was people were confused about whether the note was really deleted or just in the trash)
  2. That's Windows. Windows tries very hard to prevent an application from forcing itself to the top (and stealing focus). Raymond Chen has a good blog post about this: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20090220-00/?p=19083
  3. I meant the Evernote windows version. I have zero insight into what Microsoft is doing! (And the version we have in the store is not a UWP app - it's the exact same binary you get when you do a direct download and install.
  4. Most other platforms get dark theme support for free. Windows does not. (The Windows dark theme support you hear about is only available to UWP apps. That's not us.) The likelihood of the current Windows version supporting a true dark theme are about 0.1%.
  5. Ah, sorry... The reminder list has not changed in Windows. It is not in either of the list views. (And unless something changes, there are no plans I know of to add it.)
  6. FYI: All features that were in Beta2 are in the current Beta3. (It was the first Beta3 release that was the pain-point.)
  7. As you can see in the drop list, en-US is the only variant of English that we support.
  8. The database is an Sqlite database. Every time you type anything, that data has to be recorded in the database. Putting the database on a low speed interface is (as they say) a "very bad idea". Also, the drive it's on must support file locking - so network drives are also a "very bad idea".
  9. How an emoji renders is dependent on the font used. Not all fonts can display all characters. Different fonts may be used in different areas of the program - we do support user specified fonts for the caption (this is a per-client setting - not a syncd property).
  10. Toggle Breakpoint!
  11. Just a terminology clarification (at least when I talk about them!). In EN, F9 is an "accelerator". Cortana's F9 is a "hotkey". The difference is an accelerator will only work when an application has focus. A hotkey is a system wide hook that works no matter who has focus - as such, the app who registers first wins - and all others lose. It's a constant battle! (EN does have some hotkeys - these are configurable in the Options dialog. Accelerators are not configurable.)
  12. It sounds like this is doing the 6.17.7 upgrade (which is really a downgrade). Since you're on beta2, skip this. A new Beta3 is now available and will upgrade in the way you expect.
  13. True. We probably should have - it would still be 6.18.3 tho! (because of the MSI update issues I talked about before)
  14. We try to avoid this style upgrade - as I noted, we re-release Beta3. So MSI sees this new version as the same version as the old Beta3 - this is the same-version upgrade path. It's not very user friendly, so we try to avoid ever doing this publicly. However, the old Beta3 has a newer version of CEF - so any upgrade from that would cause "very bad things" to happen (because we would be violating MSI component rules). We made a conscious decision to inflict that same-version upgrade so the CEF dll downgrade would properly install. Probably as clear as mud now. tl;dr: Installers are hard. Downgrading files during an upgrade is harder.
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