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  1. dconnet

    Clip doesn't create a new note

    That's because Microsoft stole it in the Creator's Update (build 15063). We haven't come up with a different default yet... (The app that registers the hotkey first, wins. All others, too bad.)
  2. Well, we don't create it, so ...
  3. Just hit Enter. OK does not typically have an accelerator key in Window. OK is typically Return, just as Cancel is typically ESC.
  4. dconnet

    Is Evernote version 5.5.3 still supported?

    Oh, sorry. I was looking at my production version - which is on the beta track. You're right!
  5. dconnet

    Is Evernote version 5.5.3 still supported?

    I'm not support, so this is not an official answer. My answer? v6.13.1. In the 5 years I've been here, we've never released a fix on an old version (that I can remember) - we put that fix into the new version (I'm ignoring betas - we have hotfixed the main release during an active beta cycle). Supporting multiple concurrent versions is a nightmare.
  6. No, there's on 7 v 10 changes there. More than likely, you have shared notebooks and @islandboatman does not. (The icon for the default notebook should be there)
  7. I can replicate. In all the different note list views (snippet, card, etc). v6.13.1 edit: @CalS Do you remember what version that last worked?
  8. Don't know about others, but I've never been able to... Because Windows does not like non-focused applications stealing focus from other apps, it's likely some weird Windows setting...
  9. dconnet

    Unable to CUSTOMIZE "Note" TOOLBAR

    That's not the customize menu. You have to click "Customize" first. Then when you drag the icon, drop it right next to the down arrow you clicked to get that menu. Which is below the menu bar (which is empty), not over it. The mouse cursor will change to show you when you can drop.
  10. dconnet

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 1

    It will. It's turned off by default right now due to some serious performance issues. I'm in the process of cleaning this up now... (We decided it was better to turn it off temporarily rather than wait for my changes.)
  11. Yes, the Windows context menu is the same.
  12. right click on notebook, select "Add to Stack", the popup will list the current stacks with "New Stack" at the bottom.
  13. Technically, a stack is not an object - so it cannot exist on its own. You can right click on a notebook and add it to either an existing stack, or create a new stack.
  14. dconnet

    Is Evernote version 5.5.3 still supported?

    Definitely not - I don't even have the tools on my machine to build it!
  15. dconnet

    Math Equation Editor

    It worked when the Hyper-V manager tried to mess up my virtual machines! (all my snapshots vanished - reboot, and they're back - near panic since I hadn't run a backup recently!)