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Creating Business Tags

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I'm not sure what I am doing wrong here, but when I click the +New Tag option in the main panel I don't get the ability to create a Tag.

There isn't the +Tag option in the left hand menu panel (like there is in Personal).

I can only create a Tag by adding a tag to an existing Note in a Notebook.

Which leads me to another problem, can I have a Tag which doesn't have any active Notes?

I'm not sure I am explaining this well but please asks questions for clarification.

I am using version




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Hi.  Are you an admin for the business account?

The admin console is the central place for managing Evernote Business account information, users, and content and can be accessed by Evernote Business account admins.

Some of things you can do in admin console:

  • View your account summary
  • Add and manage users
  • View and manage business notes, notebooks, tags, and trash
  • View and manage account billing
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Just to tack onto Gaz's reply: in a Business account, while Tags can exist that are not attached to any Notes, these do not show up in the Evernote client applications.  This behavior explains your first query: there's no capability to add a New Tag in the left-hand panel because then it would exist without being attached to any Notes and it would not show in the left-hand Tags list.

The only place to view Business Tags that aren't attached to any Notes is in the Business' Admin Console, as Gaz mentioned.


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So I just signed up for Evernote business and setting up notebooks and tags for the business. Are you saying there is no way to create business tags and organize them in stacks like I do with my personal tags? I create dozens of tags in my premium account and now want to share them to the new business account users. Is that possible, so they can see the tag stacks like I have them in my personal tag stacks?

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My experience is that you're right, you CANNOT ADD a Business Tag the same way you create a personal tag. You can delete and rename in the business admin console, but you can't create a tagging system and then add tags. Seems like a poor design considering you'd want to add and remove tags in bulk at some point. I've seen some old hacks through Windows, but I'm on Mac and can't seem to update a new tag name convention without 

1) create a random note

2) create the tags you want in the note

3) name the note the tag system


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For me the worst thing that was "implemented" when Business and Personal were split was the Inability to stack tags. They display in a long list on the left side, making it impossible to navigate via tags as I was used to in my personal notes.

It is also nearly impossible to manage tags in the admin console, because they are ordered alphabetically. 

Tags work great on the personal account. Just let us have the same functionality on the business account too please.

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For me the worst thing that was "implemented" when Business and Personal were split was the Inability to stack tags.

Full agree - The tagging system is one of the most important features of EN. After playing some days with EN Business, I asked the support but got only disappointing answers ("Sorry, we have no solution", "THX, we logged a feature request", "Sorry, we cannot say anything about the implementation state", ...). This is more than 4 months ago - nothing happened :-( (I think they have other problemes with the windows client...)

It is also nearly impossible to manage tags in the admin console, because they are ordered alphabetically.

... so we used special characters to start tag names. Doing so, tags are collected and describe...

  • ">..." when to act on actions (">-in-work", ">-next", ">-to-test", ">-done", ...)
  • "_..." who is to resposible for the note ("_john", "_doe", "_micky", ...)
  • "@..." where (office) a note belongs to ("@ulm", "@stuttgart", "@munich", ...)
  • "~..." from where a note comes from ("~development", "~support", "~<customer>", ...)
  • "=..." type of a note ("=overview", "=hint", "=report", "=invoice", ...)
  • "!..." project-dependency of a note ("!EN-usage", "!new-building", "!hiring", ...)
  • ...

> Just let us have the same functionality on the business account too please.

YES, at least tell us, when we can count on this. We know, there are some EN employees here to linger on our posts ;-)

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Hi Guys, I understand that Evernote business does not allow add tags like personal Evernote account. I tried pre-create tags with notes but its limited to 100 tags. This is so frustrating.

Has anyteam in Evernote Business add the pre-creation tags function into Evernote business?

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From a blog I follow I have learned that the best workaround currently available would be in fact to create empty „lead notes“ containing a max of 100 tags each. Once created they make the tags available for users of the business account. It makes sense that the creation of tags should follow some predefined logic like projects, customers, processes, departments and the like.

To make adding more tags easier, the lead tag notes would be ordered using these lead categories. So new customers would get their initial tag in the customers lead note, etc. Whenever 100 tags are reached, a new empty lead note will be created in the appropriate category. 

As a premium user I can not validate this information.

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